Thursday, March 18, 2010

No real kittens were harmed in the making...

Ok, if your name is Michelle and we are related...then look away now and DO NOT keep reading!!

For the rest of you, I am super happy to share my latest project that I made for my sister Michelle for her birthday.  It's already a week late...ahem...but it's fabulous so I don't feel so bad.

My sister just bought a house so I thought I would send her something she could use in her new place.  Like me, she is also a cat-lover.  I found this A-DOR-ABLE cat fabric on ebay (the woman also sells on etsy: just google 'umbrella cat fabric' and you'll find it):

And I decided to make reversible placemats...with the cute cat fabric on one side and black linen on the back.  I interfaced the placemats (2 with cotton batting and 2 with fusible interfacing--only because I ran out of the cotten batting...though I think I like the fusible interfacing better!).  I stiched it all inside out, flipped it and then ironed under the seam allowance at the small opening and ran two rows of stitching on top:

Originally I was going to make the napkins out of the same black linen but thought it would be nice to have some color...I found some great pastel napkins and figured that was perfect for the start of spring.  Plus, Michelle has a great balcony outside with table and this would be perfect for entertaining outside!

I wanted to incorporate the cats somehow onto the, I painstakingly cut 4 little kitties out of the fabric:

Then I used an exacto blade to cut double-sided fusible web to match the kitty/umbrella shape and viola....matching kitty napkins:

I'm delighted with how they turned out!

I'm mailing the present out tomorrow, so hopefully she will get it by next weekend!



  1. David Lawrence GrantMarch 18, 2010 10:42 PM

    >'.'< !

    You're so amazingly awesome!

  2. Oh my word. I love it! Good job cutting them out.

  3. They're fantastic! I love that fabric too.

  4. Really beautiful, Debi - such a thoughtful gift! I'm sure she'll love it!

  5. i had never seen this post before- what a creative idea! bravo little miss! :)


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