Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A very tired day 5

Hello lovelies! Thank you all for the wonderful comments on my previous Me-Made-May outfits!

I'm exhausted today--I've had a lot of early mornings this week!

My me-made outfit today isn't really me-made.  I'm including the blouse because it's sort-of, kind-of, not really refashioned.  I really wanted a blouse with my initials on it--so that's what I did (or that's what I paid someone to do)...  But it's a blouse that was re-fashioned by me, so that's the reason I am including it in Me-Made-May.

Here's the ensemble:

I was too tired to wear contacts and jeans was all I could muster today!

Here's a close-up of the blouse (don't worry, you will probably see it again this month :-)

The jacket is from Coldwater Creek , my favorite store in the States for jackets and blazers.  I always go to their store in the outlet mall at the beach when I visit my family.  So much fun...



  1. That's lovely - I'd love a monogrammed blouse, it looks great & I bet gets loads of compliments! The fabric of that jacket is beautiful too.

    p.s - there's a Sunshine award on my blog for you!

  2. That's such a great idea, the placement of it on the collar looks lovely.

  3. That is a good idea! I like monograms but not when they're too large. On the collar is subtle and stylish.

  4. I need a monogrammed blouse! Yes, need. What a fab idea! So not buying an embroidery machine though, lol.

  5. monograms are just so fantastic. My silly pup has been waking me up at ridiculous hours, so I totally relate to that feeling of fatigue!!

    I got a Coldwater Creek catalogue by accident once--looked like some nice togs in there but have never been to an actual store!

  6. Fantastic! And I totally love the pink blouse. It looks awesome with your 40s pants. I really want that pattern.


I read each and every comment--thank you so much!

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