Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Deco Delight: Yaquina Bay Bridge

Another treasure just outside the coastal town of Newport, Oregon is the Yaquina Bay Bridge.  It is truly an Art Deco delight.  The bridge opened in September of 1936 at a cost of over a million dollars!!!

I bought this amazing print which shows the bridge in 1939:

These are the stairs leading up to the pedestrian portion of the bridge:

Check out the deco details on the columns at the top of the stairs (and I'm wearing my newly created ruffle blouse):

Check out the underside of the bridge!  I love how it is just as detailed!

And this is the view from the side:

We were lucky enough to stay in a hotel near the harbor, so we had a delightful view of the bridge.

I was also able to spend some time in the historic research library in Newport where I found this amazing photo of Miss 1947 Newport in front of the bridge:

Oh how I love her blouse!!!  And the bike too!!  I'll be posting more historic photos of Newport this week.


  1. Great pics! The details on that bridge are gorgeous.

  2. You look gorgeous, sweetiepie. Great photos, fun post!

  3. Lovely lovely pics. I am a big fan of Art Deco and I think many times is is just not appreciated. I had a look at your previous post and got a big homesick, I am not from the NorthWest but lived in Richland, WA for a year and love it. WA and OR are just two amazing states that I have just so many things to enjoy.

  4. I just love old deco architecture. What a great shot of you under the bridge - very cool. Thanks for sharing!


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