Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dickey patterns on etsy

Interested in trying out a dickey?  Or just interested in seeing different styles?  I've found some great patterns on etsy that I wanted to pass along your way....

Simplicity 4477 from nancesnostalgia on esty.  $18.95

Advance 9045, a 1950's dickey pattern from Kimaroo for $7.99 on esty:

1940's Advance 3247  from StudioGPatterns for $12.50 on esty:

Speaking of finding patterns on Etsy, Eileen from Eileen's Basement found the same 1940 McCall coat pattern that I am hoping to sew this winter (McCall 3941)!!  

How great is that?  We'll have to have a mini sew-along :-)


  1. Ooh so cute... I'm v. tempted by that first pattern and would probably get it if I didn't already have 3 million patterns in my sewing backlog. I love the idea of just sewing a small panel of interestingness and not having to bother with sleeves etc.

  2. That coat is fabulous! I would love to own every pattern McCalls ever published in the forties. How cool are those collars?

  3. How awful of you to tempt us like this...I have far too many patterns as it is! ;o)

  4. I adore that coat! If I could find a copy of it I'd join your sew-along - it's so perfect!

    The dickeys....I'm still not convinced I could actually wear one. But you're making a good case for them!

  5. You´re tempted with all those patterns....., Let´s sew-along, count on me!

  6. Ha, did I mention I bought not one, but two dickey patterns after seeing yours made up? I believe I bought the same one you did as well. ;)

    I'm definitely game for a mini sew-a-long!


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