Thursday, October 28, 2010

Suits vs. Suit-Frocks in 1940

Some more fashion inspiration--this time from 1940.  The question McCall's asks is 'suits versus suit frocks'?  Hmmmm...which is more versatile?

I love this dress (McCall 3588).  I actually think the dress looks better with a suit jacket.  But I do love the dress details on their own as well (the yoke is cut in one with the front panel).

Then there is McCall 3592---A-DOR-ABLE!  I love the short nipped in jacket with the dress:

And the suit of the bunch is McCall 3557.  I must say this is probably my favorite.  I love that the lapel of the jacket can match the skirt.  I also love the lines of the jacket!

And just look at all the different hats!  I love it!!


  1. Pretty! I could totally see you in the last hat with the saucy feather detail :)
    I love the silhouette of the 1940s. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I agree with you. That last one is so cute!

  3. He, he, almost at the same time we are connected to post. I love the last too. You've got that I like the fashion of the 40s.

  4. Yes, those little tilt hats are great. I'm loving the one that looks like rabbit ears.

  5. I love the plaid dress on the top right, the shoulders are fab!

  6. I'm attracted to the top dress -- on the one hand, it 'looks' as if it's got princess seaming until I realized that the seams don't go over the bustline. I'm going to assume that this is just another 'ring the changes' on a princess seam but it's definitely different. And I have a photograph of my aunt's wedding day from the early 40s in Edinburgh (totally a war time photo; my uncle is in uniform and my aunt and my mum are wearing their best coats, hats, gloves, etc.)and she is wearing a hat just like that, only with a veil in the front and no feather.

  7. I absolutely love your blog!!! I like the background of your pictures, You not only shows us your creation but the beautiful town where you live.
    It is a shame that I don't sew, my mom is a very good seamstres, she even made my wedding dress!!!!, but I am on the look out for a sewing machines, I am inspired by all the creative ladies out there. ')

  8. I love the lines on that plaid dress - and I'll take all the hats. :-)

    I was paging through a 1940 Sears catalog and the snood was big news that year. I love snoods! I wonder how long that fad lasted.

  9. The jackets in picture too are adorable! They instantly make me think of Edwardian riding habits, updated! The things I like most about the 30s/40s jacket (besides the nipped waist) is the height of the sleeve cap and the gathering giving it a puffed look (really exagerated in some 30s patterns I've noted). That style seems to have crept into RTW this year, cue modern replicas from the pattern companies one hopes?


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