Sunday, October 3, 2010

Looking back at my spring and summer sewing

Since the end of September, I've been thinking about what I want to sew for autumn and winter.  To help me in the planning process, I've taken a look back at what I've made over the spring and summer ( spring and summer collection so to speak :-)

I was really good in spring and summer about coordinating my colors and sewing garments that could go together.  I had a few main colors including navy, hot pink and purple.  Here's a look back at some of the garments I made with those colors during spring and summer:

from left to right are:
1. Hot pink blouse from Simplicity 3688 (1941 repro pattern).
2. Navy skirt from McCall 3968 (1940 pattern).
3. Pink and cream striped sundress from McCall 4043 (1940).
4. Blue ruffled blouse from Simplicity 1722 (1944).

2nd row of pictures:
1. Purple skirt from Hollywood 1521 (year? 1940's)
2. Refashioned top using McCall 1521 (1950's)
3. Purple print skirt from Butterick 8074 (1950's)
4. Purple print bolero from Simplicity 3879 (1950's)

I also had green as a color for some of my projects.  Most of all I set out to make outfits that would go with two new pairs of shoes and a handbag from my favorite Scottish company called Ness:

1st row of pictures:
1. My first sewing project revisited and tailored from Simplicity 2756 (late 40's)
2. A refashioned blouse (with my initials!)
3. Navy trousers from Simplicty 3688 (1941 repro pattern--same one I used for the hot pink blouse)
4. Sage green printed blouse from DuBarry 5327 (1942)

2nd row of pictures:
1. Refashioned hat bought from Top Tottie Vintage (1940's)
2. Purse 'teal' from Ness (I didn't make this outfit--it's a 1960's dress I bought)
3 & 4: shoes from Ness.  These tartan shoes were the basis for my spring and summer sewing
5. Lounging pyjamas from Simplicity 1558 (1930's)

For autumn and winter, I think I am going to continue these three strands (1. clothes to match my ness shoes, purples and greens) and add some new colors (at this point, I'm thinking of raspberry and burnt orange).  Oh, how I love planning!  >'.'<

What about you?  What are your plans for autumn and winter?


  1. well done you that is a wealth of brilliant projects completed! xx

  2. *Big wistful sigh* What a wonderful year of projects, you have made so many beautiful things, I am most envious!

    Sorry I have not been around much to drop by and say a massive thank you for the pattern and the card! (Major burn-out following the sproglett's first birthday!) I love it and am looking for the best fabric for the dress, thinking dark green wool.... I was so perplexed when it arrived with US stamps, I was wondering if there was another Scotland over there ha ha.

    I had a link to share with you for some wonderful patterns I found this week and made me think of you. I'm on a different computer atm so I don't have the link, d'oh! Will drop by again with it. Hope you're well and dandy. Happy sewing! x

  3. I love planning too, it's the execution I fall flat on! I love those shoes- what a clever idea. I just bought an AMAZING Pendleton jacket and I think I'm going to emulate you- plan outfits around my jacket (it has shades of red, kelly green, navy and tan). It's lovely, trust me. ;)

  4. So many beautiful things you've made, Debi! I love the planning stages, too, and have taken a page from your book and narrowed down my colour scheme.

    Raspberry and burnt orange sounds delicious! Looking forward to what you design for your fall/winter collection. :)

  5. Debi, you've had such a productive few months! And seeing all those pictures together reminds me what a stylish lady you are - such beautiful creations... and so many adorable hairstyles! xx

  6. Wow - I hadn't realised you had made so many garments - well done! Planning? Oh I love planning. I just never seem to stick to the list!

  7. I loved each of these garments, what a good idea to have them all together so we can appreciate them again! Regarding your hairdos and accessories you have a fantastic sense of style :) Keep making lovely stuff!

  8. You have been very productive. Love everything you've made.

  9. All you've made has come out so beautifully! You obviously have put so much more thought into your items than I have, and you wear them a lot more too! I can't wait to see what else you make.

  10. Wow, you've been so productive! It's nice to look back and see it all come together. What a lovely collection of pieces that are so very 'you!'

  11. This has been a veeeeery productive summer for you! I love all the parts you built, I am not able to do a planning my next season, certainly not the end it. I admire your planning!


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