Saturday, February 5, 2011

1930's cape scans

When I think of capes, I always think of those lovely 1960's and 1970's patterns.  However, capes (and capelets) were also popular in the 1930's.  Here's a few I've found from the Vintage Pattern Wiki and the Sears Catalogue collection from

The lovely cape below is from 1935 (the same year as my cape pattern):

They also have a kid's version as well:

There's this adorable coat/cape combo from 1936:

And I found several patterns from the mid to late 30's.  There's this lovely suit/cape combo from Advance patterns:

Also from Advance patterns...I love this one:

Hmmm...maybe Advance patterns did more cape patterns?  I also really like this one:

 I like capes for evening wear like this Excella pattern:

This Hollywood pattern has a shorter and longer version of a cape:

Do you own a cape?  Have you ever sewn one?  Would you wear one?


  1. That Excella pattern is beautiful. I wish these suited me, but alas..;)

  2. I would love to wear a cape, but I doubt I'm elegant enough in general to pull it off :( Unless I wore it with eveningwear, which I almost never have the occasion to wear anyway, I think it would probably look more Ren-Faire-ish than vintage.

  3. I think I need a cape... Where's your coaty one? :)

  4. I started one but completely messed it up by trying to add a hood. I will sew it someday, though! It is a modern pattern, a mccall's, I think and I may need to re-buy it in case I mutilated the pattern :( I do love them but as of yet they still feel costumey.

  5. All the patterns are lovely especially the Excella one. I own a red tartan wool cape. I also have a purple velvet one that I made. I actually have three cape patterns and one cape coat pattern which seems a tad excessive, even to me.

  6. Great scans and patterns!
    I bought a really great cape pattern this fall but I never got around to making it. Maybe this year!

  7. I love capes and plan to make one for winter! I have the fabric, just need the perfect buttons...

  8. I loved capes when I was in high school and college and owned a few back in the day. Unfortunately now I just don't really think I'd know how to pull one off. Those patterns are incredible lovely, however!

  9. Capes are great. Always good for a dramatic entrance (or exit). I am so looking forward to seeing your cape/jacket finished.


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