Saturday, February 19, 2011

What I'm working on...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments on my dress! I really enjoyed making (and wearing) it!

This weekend I'm working on the first year of my Sewing through the Decades challenge--1931!  I am super excited to try out another EvaDress pattern:
There are so many things I love about this pattern! I think it is super classy looking and will be great to wear to the office or out on the town.  I love the unique sleeve and collar details and am planning to use some of my left over faux fur fabric for this!  The instructions are very minimal but hopefully if I take it slow, I'll figure them all out! :-)

What are you working on at the moment?


  1. I'm tackling my first 1940s pattern, meaning instructions are few and far between! (I'm returning to sewing after a looooong time, so I'm basically a novice, but I have a good reference book and some modern patterns with more explicit instructions for the steps that are skipped in the vintage pattern.)
    ps. I loved your last dress in red satin!

  2. I know you will make a great job of it. your valentine dress was very special. Did you know that there is a new period drama starting on BBC1 at nine O'clock tomorrow evening.It is called South Riding and is set in 1934. I am sure you would enjoy it.

  3. That's lovely! Very, very classy.

    I need to start cutting out my fabric for the Swing Dress Sew-Along, and I have another muslin on the side for a 50s shirtwaist dress, once I feel confident enough I can get a dress under my belt I'll go back to that. :)

  4. Lovely pattern can't wait to see the results. I want to tackle some 30's patterns soon but I know the instrictions are usually more vague and they assume you have lots more knowledge that I probably lack.

  5. I love it. I hope EvaDress patterns work for you -- I can never get them to fit right and their sizing is inconsistent. :(

  6. I'm still working on Simplicity 5408 - the red dot dress. I'm a really slow seamstress. :) I plan on making the Kate Jeans and a stripey knit top for MMMarch.

  7. I just finished a house dress with the same style collar as this! I love the shape and way the wrap front fits. I'm looking forward to seeing this outfit finished!

  8. That is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it made up. I am working on... well, coursework. No sewing right now. I have been tinkering with a dress pattern, trying to work out how to do a FBA on it to make it fit... and I am thinking about making a nice easy summer sundress for my daughter. But it's the term paper that is calling me right now! (that and preparing to potentially move to the States... wow.) I am sewing vicariously through blogs right now!

  9. Gorgeous! I'm knitting a sweater from 1936 right now; I need to take a garment-construction class if I can find one around here. (And I need to clean up my craft room so I actually have room to sew.) Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  10. Loving the lines on this pattern--I can't wait to see your version! :)

    Right now I'm mostly finishing up that Swing Dress and figuring out if I want to make a matching belt or white linen one to wear with it. ;) I'm also starting to gear up to make a 1910s blouse from some Swiss Dot I picked up last week. Oh, and I really need to finish some cushion covers for the sofa this week too!

    ♥ Casey

  11. Ooh! That's going to be lovely!
    I just pulled out an EvaDress pattern from the stash last night and the fabric, so itching to start a new project for myself :)
    Green crepe paired with a 30s rayon print I've been hording for years.
    I better hurry if I want to make the contest deadline. hehe.


I read each and every comment--thank you so much!

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