Friday, August 19, 2011

{Ness Lovelies} Shoes, glorious shoes!

Just a quick heads up that I've noticed that Ness has added their shoes to the summer clearance sale....

Oh, how I love those shoes!

These are the ballet flats in Raspberry Sorbet tartan (my favourite).

They also have the ballet flats in this great blue tartan:

They've also added their wedges to the sale.  These are very similar to the pink ones I own except that the bow is on the side.  LOVE them!

Oh! And they just added these super cute handbags (complete with tartan pins):

I think this summer clearance is in anticipation of their new autumn/winter line!  oooohhhh so excited! It should be released this month and I'm checking their website almost every day to see the new tartans!!!  :)


  1. Oh my! how did you know that I needed a new pair of shoes, especially some green tartan wedge shoes! (oh dear I think B may kill me my shoe pile is already overflowing!)

  2. Just love your ballet flats. Fashion from past has decency in it which is missing now days


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