Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weaving Destination Fabrics Now Available!

The Autumn Weaving Destination Fabric Collection is now available on Etsy!!  A super big thank you to everyone for your encouraging words and support for this initiative. There are three different 100% organic cotton designs.  Proceeds from the sale of the fabric will go to support a women's weaving collective in Assam, BTC, India.  This collective is important because it provides financial independence, support services including accommodation and sustainable employment for women that have been victims of trafficking.  Read more about this exciting social enterprise that I've co-founded and continue to volunteer to support.

Get some fabulous fabrics and support a good cause at the same time!!  And definitely send me some photos of your me-made makes with the fabrics and of course, any ideas for future fabric colours and designs!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

McCall 3686: The 'Fall for Cotton' Dress

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post! I am happy to share my latest 1940 McCall creation, which was made with this lovely pattern and just in time for the 'Fall for Cotton' vintage sewalong:

I chose to make View A with the short sleeves.  This dress is really special to me because it's made with Weaving Destination fabric!!  Javita and I have been working to get our Etsy store online and hope to be selling these amazing social enterprise fabrics THIS WEEK!  woot! woot!  Read more about the story of our social enterprise here...

This fabric is amazing 100% cotton with orange, purple and white pinstripes and a neat border that I converted into the yoke for this dress.  I couldn't believe the border of the fabric was the perfect size for the neckline yoke pattern piece.  I am also super happy that I was able to match the stripes on both the yoke corners and skirt seams:

The dress consists of a bodice yoke that is attached to the main bodice by a lapped and gathered seam on both the front and back.  The back bodice is slightly bloused at the waist.  The skirt is a simple two piece a-line that is also attached to the bodice by a lapped seam.  The sleeves have a gathered sleeve cap.  I also made a matching belt for the dress.

I did run into a slight panic moment with the dress.  Since I used the selvedge of the fabric to make the bodice yoke piece, I didn't need to finish the neckline.  I wasn't even thinking about the seam allowance and whether I would be able to fit the dress over my head!! eeps.  Went to try it on and I definitely couldn't get it on.  So I ended up sewing a few snaps alongside one of the shoulder seams.  hahaha!  I call it a 'design feature'!

I am very, very happy with the dress and imagine I will get a lot of wear out of it!  I love how subtle the pinstripes are and the beautiful colours of the fabric!

YAY! I can't wait to share this fabric with you all...stay tuned for more Weaving Destination fabrics!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

2013 Resewlution Completed!

Photo from Karen's blog: Did you Make That

Back in January, the wonderful Karen who blogs over at Did You Make That? had a brilliant idea to collect all the resewlutions from the sewing community, or all those things sewing-related that we wanted to complete during 2013, and provide a space to, erm, keep us accountable.

Here was my response and resewlution:

And for once in my life, I've actually kept my resolution!! woohooo!  I expanded a bit on the resewlution from sewing just 5 dresses to, oh let's say sewing the entire 1940 McCall catalogue of patterns (about 550 patterns--over multiple years)...but that's beside the point!

Here's a look back on my seven (woohoo) new 1940 McCall dresses:

McCall 3820: The 'Scottie' Dress

McCall 3939: The 'Hiatus' Dress

Here's a round-up of all my 1940 McCall Project Makes:

And I am still loving this project!!  It's so much fun to see how the patterns translate into real-life garments....stay tuned for my newest 'Fall for Cotton' make!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Some Things Never Change...

I recently came across several childhood photos and the one above made me laugh so hard.  My mom used to put my wet hair up in rollers and I would sleep on them.  I still put my hair up in wetsets at least twice a week to curl my hair.  What you can't see from the photo above is that Rainbow Brite (my doll) also has curlers in her hair. hahahahaha.  I guess some things don't change!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

McCall 3939: The 'Hiatus' Dress

So excited to share my latest creation and to get back to blogging!  The last couple of months have been very busy but things are getting back to their 'normal' pace (whatever that is..hahahaha).  I've name this my 'Hiatus' dress as it allowed me to jump into sewing after a brief break!  I was so eager to get back into sewing after this busy time that I happily started this dress on Saturday evening and finished it Sunday morning in order to make the Sew Weekly Reunion deadline.  A super big thank you to David for guest posting during the hiatus and to the lovely Sew Weekly ladies for letting me sneak my post in last among all the amazing creations!

To make this dress, I used McCall 3939, as part of my 1940 McCall Project:

I opted to make version 'A' with the long sleeves and without the front pockets.  The colour of the dress is difficult to photograph depending on the light but is a lovely deep purple or 'acai' colour.  I had the viscose in my stash and found it was the perfect match for the Sew Weekly Reunion challenge theme of sewing with the Autumn 'patone' colours.

I graded the pattern down by four inches, which despite the unusual bodice shape was not too difficult. The bodice consists of two side pieces that are gathered and sewed by a lapped seam under the main bodice piece.  The bodice also extends into a 'v' point at the centre front and then is also attached to the waist by a lapped seam.

The skirt front forms a pleat right under the 'v' point.  I've left it as a soft pleat instead of ironing the pleat folds.

The dress closes with a side zipper and back neck button.  I made the long sleeves which have gathers at the elbow.  The sleeves are attached with gathering on the sleeve cap as well and I also inserted some extra material to help stiffen the sleeve caps.

I made a matching belt with a lovely vintage purple belt buckle that I was generously gifted in a previous Sew Weekly swap.

I really love the dress--and believe it or not, it's already cool enough to wear long sleeves.  Purple is such a great colour and the design of the dress is perfect for the viscose fabric! I anticipate getting a lot of wear out this McCall make.
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