Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fashion Show Entries: A Sneak Preview

Wow – one day left until the fashion show!  I am so excited.  Many thanks to everyone who is volunteering as a model or is helping to coordinate the fashion's going to be a fun event.  We'll be at the St John's Church on Thursday the 14th from 6:00-7:30pm.  You can buy tickets here.  All proceeds go to support Weaving Destination and the Nedan Foundation, a local charity in NE India providing important services and support to women and their families.

I am so excited to show you some of the amazing outfits that have been entered into the fashion show contest – all made from Weaving Destination fabric!

I was delighted to receive Roisin's entry to the fashion show – a classic Sew Dolly Clackett dress.  It even fit me, so I slipped it on to take photos!  It uses the border print in such a clever way – up the back of the dress and at the bottom.  There are adorable pleats in the skirt front as well!  Thanks Roisin!!

The super lovely Jane who blogs over at Handmade Jane used Weaving Destination fabric to make pillow covers, lined bags, zipped pouches and book covers!  I just love how the fabric looks on those adorable pillows!  You can read more about her makes here...
Thank you, Jane!!

I am super excited about this amazing me-made make from Contrariety Rose.  Louise makes bespoke dresses with vintage flair.  Check out her super cool website and her Etsy shop with similarly amazing dresses!

Another awesome halter design – this time in separates from Steely Seamstress.  I absolutely LOVE the shirred back to this amazing halter top!  And isn't the placement of the print just ingenious?  This has an adorable mini wrap skirt with great wooden buttons!  Thank you Steely Seamstress!!

Many of you will know Rachel who blogs over at House of Pinheiro. I am in awe of Rachel's self-drafted jacket entry!  The placement of the stripes is just fantastic and I love the lining fabric as well.  Rachel also made a cute keyhole blouse with a v-neck back!  I am so excited because this is the outfit I get to model in the fashion show! yay!  Thank you, Rachel!!!

One of the most amazing outfits I have seen is Sally's own make from the fabric!  Many of you know Sally who blogs over at Charity Shop Chic (and her fabulous new pattern line – Capital Chic Patterns).  This dress is SO AMAZING!  The skirt has loads of beautiful pleats (there is tulle sewn under the skirt as well to give it extra flare).  The top is made from Harris tweed as Sally wanted to honour the spirit of Weaving Destination by matching Scottish handwoven fabric with Indian handwoven fabric!  And I think you will agree with me that it is absolutely stunning!  PLUS the best part is that Sally will be modelling her dress in the fashion show!!  I am beyond excited!!!!  Thank you so much, Sally!

And last but not least is a very special make as it is made from a sample of our ethical Eri silk fabric. This silk is made from Eri silkworms, which are only found in the Northeast part of India.  The other great thing about this silk is that it is 100% vegan (the silkworms are not killed in the process)!  Rachel made a fantastic outfit with a beautiful lace yoke and will also be modelling this herself in the fashion show!! YAY!  Thanks so much, Rachel!!

How amazing are these makes?  I am so happy for everyone's entries and support and am super excited for the fashion show tomorrow!

Which garment is your favourite?
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