Thursday, July 22, 2010

On the road again...

Hello everyone! Just a quick note that I will be traveling for work over the next week--so may not be posting much.  I am looking forward to a nice vacation after that and sharing lots of fun posts....

Hope you are all having a lovely July!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Simplicity 1722: Ruffled goodness

YAY! I am super excited to have finished Simplicity 1722, the ruffled blouse pattern from 1944:

I'm wearing the blouse with my 1941 trousers and my hot pink Ness shoes.

I ended up going with the hot pink buttons (Thanks Sarah!)

Overall, it was pretty easy to put together (but time consuming!).  The ruffle was super easy and hemmed it by hand.  The only alteration I made to the pattern was to take in the shoulders a bit.  Now all I need are some shoulder pads to really complete the look!

The only thing I was worried about was the topstitching and the buttons.  Though my buttonholer did give me some problems, I think it looks pretty good!

And of course, it goes perfectly with my new snood!!!  Though I took the bow off the snood today because I thought it might be too much--even for me! (hehehe)

I really like it!  I'll have to try out the other blouse options on the pattern as well! What do you think?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Progress on the ruffle blouse

I was making good progress on my ruffle blouse until tonight where I got in a knock-down fight with my buttonholer.  I had to step away.  I'll pick it up again tomorrow.  But in the meantime, thought you might like a sneak peak at the ruffle and color of the blouse:

Hopefully I've worn it out tonight and it won't fight with me anymore :-)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

In love with a snood...

I am so excited!  I just got a lovely flamingo pink snood from Arthelia's Attic on etsy (her etsy shop with reopen after her holiday at the end of next week).  It is handmade from an early 1940's pattern.  Naomi from Arthelia's Attic also has a blog.

Here I am wearing the snood with my hot pink blouse and navy trousers:

And here's a closer shot:

I love the snood because it took all of 10 minutes to do my hair this way!  The snood has elastic so I didn't even really need a lot of bobby pins to hold it in place (only 1).  The bow on the top is removeable.

It reminds me of this picture from 1944 in the Everyday Fashions of the Forties: As Pictured in Sears Catalogs: 


Friday, July 9, 2010

And the winners are....

Wow! You all really blew me away with your comments! Thank you so much!  Having this giveaway has been so much fun!!  Plus, I've been able to check out some new sewing blogs!

So, without further ado.....the winners are...

For the 1938 McCall suspender skirt pattern, the winner is:

from Molly and Mango!  Molly's got a fantastic blog which I discovered, I absolutely LOVE her owl graphics on her blog must check it out!

Now for the lovely 1940's Superior pattern, the winner is:

from Kyla Con Styla's Bitchery Stitchery Blog.  I love this blog which is also new to me!  You must check out the recent post on capelets (swoon!)

Now for the fabulous 1950's Advance pattern, the winner is:

from the Ice Pink Stars blog.  Another fabulous blog that is also new to me!  You must check out the recent post on adding a lace trim to a regular shirt!  I love it!

For the chic 1960's Simplicity pattern, the winner is...

 from the Dart and the Hem blog.  Another great blog!! Amy is participating in this really cool project called the Sketchbook 2011 project, which is run by an art collective in Brooklyn and involves all the participants being sent the same sketchbook and then filling it in whatever way they wish in the next 6 months. The books are then taken on tour around the US!

For the groovy 1970's Simplicity pattern, the winner is...

JanaStanley!  Thanks so much for your sweet words Jan!

Congrats everyone! This was so much fun that I'll have to do another one soon!  And thank you everyone for entering and sharing your creativity with me.

Speaking of creativity, major props to my sweetie for designing all the names you see!  They are on cards that will be included with your pattern!!

Just email me your postal address to myhappysewingplace [at] googlemail [dot] com

I can't wait to see the finished outfits!

Friday, July 2, 2010

The pattern giveaway of the century...

Wow! I have 100 followers!  I never thought when I started this blog last November that I would meet such a fantastic online community!  Thank you all for sharing your creativity and passion with me and I look forward to more vintage sewing and blogging in the future....

This is so exciting that I want to celebrate by sharing my love of vintage patterns with you....I'm giving away one pattern for each decade from the 1930's to the 1970's.  All you have to do to enter is be a follower of this blog and leave a comment below by Thursday the 8th of July.  I'll announce the winners on Friday the 9th and will ship your pattern to you anywhere in the world!

The patterns in the giveaway are...

From 1938 is McCall pattern #9641 for a jumper or suspender skirt in a size 14 (Bust 32).  You all know how much I love McCall and this pattern is no exception.  I adore the detail on the back of the suspender skirt:

From the 1940's is this wonderful pattern from Superior Patterns #9780 in a size 20 or 38 Bust.  I absolutely love contrast details in vintage patterns--check out the great collar and cuff contrasting opportunities:

Speaking of contrast, the 1950's pattern is Advance #6353 in size 16 or Bust 34.  I love the contrasting on this dress, especially view 1.  Also check out the trim detail and wing tip cuffs on the short-sleeved version:

Moving right along to the 1960's and Simplicity #4355 with a one-piece va-va-voom dress and boat neck coat.  This is a size 16 or Bust 36.  The epitome of the 1960's look.  I love the detail on the dress collar:

And from the 1970's is this amazing Simplicity shirt #8299 in size 12 or Bust 32.  If you've never ventured into vintage sewing before, never fear...this is a "how to sew pattern" that includes a tissue lesson-chart on how to set in sleeves.  I absolutely love the large collars, the buttoned cuffs and the slightly billowy sleeves.  View 1 even includes an ascot tie:

How to Enter the Giveaway:
  1. You must be a follower of this blog to enter the giveaway. 
  2. Just leave a comment on this post by Thursday the 8th of July and let me know which pattern you would like.  You can say  "all of them" and I will enter you into the drawing for each separate pattern.
  3. You can get another entry if you post this giveaway on your own blog.  Just leave another comment and let me know that you've mentioned the giveaway on your blog.
I'll do a random drawing for each pattern on Friday the 9th and will post the results.  Please check back then.  I'll ship anywhere in the world.

Thanks again for all your comments and support on my sewing journey!  And happy sewing everyone!!
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