Monday, May 5, 2014

Sewing for the Kitten

It's been crazy weather 'round these parts.  One day is sunny and warm and the next day is cold and rainy!  Perfect time to sew up a little treat for the kitten.  When I say 'kitten', I'm using that term in an affectionate way as our 'kitten' is 19 years old!  Like most cats her age, her digestive tract is not what it used to be and she is prone to tummy aches.  She loves her belly rubs and we thought she might like a cat-sized hot water bottle as well.  David bought one of the mini hot water bottles and I sewed up a tartan cover for it.  We basically laid the full hot water bottle over the fabric and traced around it, adding the seam allowance and making a flap to insert the bottle:

And boy, does she love it! Look at her....and doesn't the hot water bottle look like a mini-Scottish cat toy?

Our sweet little chickpea...

Have you ever sewn for your pets?
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