Friday, October 19, 2018

McCall 3659: The 'Autumnal Cape'

Nothing says Autumn like a wool cape!  I'm delighted to have finished MCcall 3659 in a green wool to match my existing me-made blouse and skirt!

This pattern is so amazing. It's part of my 1940 McCall project.  I made the middle length cape version with buttons and the hood:

 The pattern is beautifully designed. It features a lined hood and pleated sleeve caps (which are designed to look just like a sleeve cap but minus the sleeves):

Here's a close-up of the sleeve cap:

The back of the cape is very straight but I love how the sleeve caps give it quite a bit of structure.

The hood is loosely draped--and you can flip it slightly back so some of the lining shows as I've done here:

Here's a shot of the hood in the back.  By the way, how AMAZING is my 1930s hairdo from Ariana at Vanity Thrills? I feel very original 1938 Snow White!

The entire cape is lined in the same silk fabric as my blouse fabric:

The cape itself is a delicious wool.  I had this wool leftover from a previous skirt project. That original skirt I made five years ago and I still have it but it's since shrunk in the wash (oops)--so is a bit shorter than knee length. So I decided to make another green skirt--this one in a lighter suiting fabric.  Check out my separate blog post on the creation of the blouse and skirt here.

Isn't Edinburgh in the Autumn gorgeous? We took these photos at Blackford Hill --a forested area in Edinburgh.  The amazing tree colours included bright orange and pretty!

I'm so pleased with the cape! The only tricky thing is wearing a purse with it! hahah. I'll just have to take a carry bag/briefcase of some sort!  But I'm hoping I get a lot of wear out of this in the next couple of months!

What about you? Do you like capes?

MUAH: Vanity thrills
Photos: Darja Bilyk



  1. I love capes! I have a pattern which I plan to "customize", then sew in a few dozen colors and lots of plaid flannels. Okay, well so far I have the pattern.

  2. Love the cape! The pattern is awesome!

  3. I absolutely love capes and particularly older raincapes in rubber or oilskin!


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