Saturday, October 13, 2018

McCall 3774: The Lady of the Lake Blouse and Hollywood 1521

Delighted to have finished two new makes – a 1940 McCall blouse and one of the first patterns I ever sewed, Hollywood 1521 for the skirt.

Let me introduce McCall 3774, my newest 1940 McCall make.  I wasn't quite sure how this pattern would translate into real life with the double row of small buttons on the bodice. The pattern also has two different collar options--collarless and small peter pan collar.

I am delighted with how the pattern turned out.  I just adore the fabric--I think because it's a busy print it works well with the design.  But I chose this pattern to match this fabric specifically because I already had these small green buttons that I thought woudl go perfectly with the pattern.

I choose the collarless option with plain sleeves. The fabric is silk and I just adore the pattern. I don't wear a lot of green but it's a colour that I really love.

The second part of this outfit is the Hollywood 1521 skirt.  This was one of the first patterns I ever sewed with (also for the skirt). Though at some point I really want to make the blouse from this pattern too!

It's a simple A-line panel skirt but I just love the shape. Both times I've made this skirt from fairly lightweight fabric.  This time from a lightweight synthetic fabric that's very similar to lightweight suiting material.

I do love the shape of the skirt--it's also very comfortable and easy to sew.

I had this skirt in my projects pile--all cut out--for nearly 6 years!!  It's funny because when I decided on the blouse pattern, then the skirt came to life as a perfect partner.

We took these beautiful photos at Lake Kandawagyi in Myanmar.  It was such a gorgeous park with the pagoda visible in the distance.

So very happy with this pairing! And there's another piece to this set--I just took the photos of it today so it will be coming to the blog soon!

Photography: Chiara with Shoot My Travel



  1. Imagine, a park in Myanmar to match a new green outfit. And it all started with a set of green buttons!

  2. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that lets a cut out project sit for years. Share pics of your sewing studio. Love the outfit!


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