Thursday, December 12, 2019

McCall 3698: The Shrewsbury Dress

This is one of my favourite stylings of a me-made garment ever.

This is my new handmade dress. I made it from a fabulous striped material that was made by my friend's social enterprise – Weaving Destination which includes hand woven by women who have been rescued from trafficking and have developed co-operatives to make money by weaving fabrics.

I used this 1940 McCall pattern. I was very inspired by the stripes on the cover illustration. Now I kind of wished I would have sewn on the front pockets but at the time I thought they would be too much and I was struggling with having enough fabric (hence the short sleeve version).

The topper for this outfit is the FABULOUS hat that I got from The Little Shop of Gorgeousness and Fripperies. Wow, it's amazing how much this just completes the 1940s look! I LOVE it!

The colours of the dress are also my favourite -- burgundy shaded by a subtle pink colour. And I love the details of the dress including the gathers at the shoulders and the pleat at the bottom of the front of the skirt:

And I love how the dress matches my stockings from the What Katie Did and my vintage shoes.

It was so fun to make a short video of this outfit photoshoot with Sally Sparrow Photography--I just love it because I feel like I'm back in the 1940s with this outfit!!

I also got my hair done by one of my icon hairdressers-- Bethany Jane Davies who does vintage hairstyling in Manchester area and whose book on Vintage Hair Styles of the 1940s is my go-to guide.

So very excited about this also makes me want to make complete looks (with hats, etc) for all my 1940s makes!!

What about you? Are you a fan of vintage hats with your vintage outfits?

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