Thursday, December 31, 2009

My 2010 Accessories Calendar

One of my favorite sewing books (ok, my only sewing book) "The Complete Book of Sewing" by Constance Talbot published in 1943 has a great chapter on "Accessories and Gifts". In it they have a seasonal calendar for accessories....

"The dates for seasonal changes differ in different climates and localities; but the check list which follows is general and can be adapted to your wardrobe and the climate in which you live. The recommendations in the list are by no means definite rulings; they are simply suggestions designed to stimulate thought so that you can make your own plan according to your particular needs".

And boy, did it stimulate some plotting and planning on my part. Here's the calendar they have:

So after much thought and planning, I've decided on my own accessories calendar for 2010. Some of the ideas I have borrowed from their calendar and others I've been wanting to do for some time or have seen done elsewhere.

Here it is:
January: Embroider initials onto a blouse and make a matching bow for your hair.

February: With a warm suit, carry a tweed bag and line one side of your hat with matching tweed (Ms. October in the calendar)

March: Make a dress and gloves to match a printed umbrella

April: Face or line a dark bolero with a bright print and wear a matching print hat (Ms. June)

May: Make a spring inspired skirt and line cardigan sweater with matching material.

June: Wear blouses with frilly ruffles, wear snow white gloves and make matching belts (Ms. May)

July: Make a print summer dress and cover shoes/sandals with a fabric to match (made much easier by a recent tutorial from WhipStitch Sewing)

August: Make a new turban and dress or blouse. Wear gloves in the predominating color of the print (Ms. February)

September: Make a matching apron for an already existing dress

October: Plan a basic dress. Add a detachable collar of black sequins; carry long net sequin sprinkled gloves. These and a sequin belt can be folded in your purse. At the end of the day, with these additions you are ready for dining and dancing (Ms. November)

November: Add a tie-on peplum of rich lame or lustrous satin to your basic dress. Make gloves to match and wear them alternately with your net gloves. With such interchangeable accessories, you can always be well dressed with a minimum of expense and time (Ms. December)

December: Wear a brilliant colored velveteen hat with bag and gloves to match and a dark sheer or wool crepe dress (Ms. August)

This should be fun! Have a Happy New Year!


  1. Oh I love this idea! A great way of planning crafty things to do each month. Accessories are such a good way of changing up an outfit, and something I am definitely guilty of neglecting.

  2. Sounds like it will be a productive year -- good luck!

  3. OMG I have that book too!!! It was found by my mother in law in the attic of the flower shop she works at. So sweetly she gave it to me. I love that book!


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