Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas Indeed!

Lo and behold, under the Christmas tree was all of the patterns I had been longing for!  My sweetie really outdid himself with the presents and I am super excited to start sewing them all!

He got me this lovely blouse that I really wanted (remember I said I had a thing about ruffled collars?).  I am going to try sewing all 4 versions!

Then I got this fantastic looking suit from the 1950's.  Isn't the silhouette great?


And this amazing suit from the 1930's....

The jacket pockets have inverted pleats on them and there is an inverted pleat on the bottom of the skirt as well (love the details!):

But by far the best piece (and I know how hard David must have worked to get this one) is this pyjamas pattern from the 1930's.  I absolutely love the lines, the low back and the ties.  I am planning on making this up as pyjamas but also as an everyday outfit:

This is a close-up of the back:

Yipppeeee!  Can't wait to get some great fabrics for these patterns and to start sewing them!!!



  1. What perfect presents! That David -- such a great gift giver!

    Can't wait to follow your progress on these!

  2. Oh, what a husband, he's got great taste! They are all so pretty, I look forward to seeing the results. I especially like the last two ones!


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