Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My vintage inspired haircut!

I've been wanting to cut my hair for awhile--it's just gotten too long to do some of the vintage inspired hairstyles that I adore!

Today I went and got my haircut and styled at the fabulous Scott Robb Hairdressing in Falkland, Scotland.  Alex, my stylist did such an amazing job!!

Ok, here's a photo of my long locks before the cut:


I decided to get the "Middy" haircut.  The 1940's Hairstyles book gives directions for the cut and says it is... "a very versatile length, the hair is cut 4 inches long.  This length became popular during the war with women who refused to cut their hair too short but still wanted to show support for the war effort.  Considered a medium cut, this was the most popular length of the decade.  It offered the most flexibility in styling techniques and could easily be worn up or down without much effort."

Here's more details on the cut (again from the 1940's hairstyles book):


Alex did an amazing job styling my hair with two reverse rolls (joining as one) in the front and two rolls on the side and a couple in the back:

I can't wait to play around with pincurls and different 40's styles!!!


  1. Oh, man, you totally beat me to the punch! My appointment at Nina's is on Saturday!

    I would be much obliged if you could post a pic of how the middy looks without vintage curls and styling... I'm not sure whether I'm ready to commit.

  2. Oh definitely! I'm so excited that you are getting a cut as well (since we both had the longest hair to begin with!)

  3. You look fab! (Looking forward to seeing Susannah's haircut too.) I'm very jealous!

  4. When you said four inches I got a little scared it would be a skull-cap cut but I love the final do. It looks great and your hair looks so healthy and shiny too! You now look very Lauren Bacall.

  5. Oh, it does look great! I agree with Susannah, I'd love to see the haircut with less styling, just to see how the cut looks... and in more styled styles. Though this one is super-elegant :-)

  6. That is fabulous! The top drawing looks so bizarre (did your hairdresser really measure all the different bits of your hair as he/she went along?), but the result is certainly worth it!

  7. Those bang-rolls are just smashing! I too, want to see a photo of what it looks like plain because I want to get one as well. I've been growing my hair out, I had the opposite problem!

  8. What a great cut! I just came from the cargo cult craft blog, I love what you are doing, can't wait to keep up!

  9. You look amazing, as usual. :)

  10. my hair in the front is about the same length in the first picture- and in the back is close to my waist (very long layers)! i've been thinking of cutting my hair recently- but am somewhat atchd to my mermaid locks :( ... but i think this post might've pushed me jsut a taaaaad bit to the cutting side...


I read each and every comment--thank you so much!

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