Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hollywood patterns featured in September 1940 Glamour magazine

I wanted to share with you all some great scans from the September 1940 issues of Glamour magazine:

I somehow managed to snag this magazine for super cheap on ebay (not quite sure how that happened) but I am loving EVERY page of it!!

It features several Hollywood patterns including # 494 and 498 below:

Hollywood 498 (on the right of the photo above) has a bloused jacket and an inverted front pleat in the skirt!  So cute....

Hollywood 494 has a long jacket which is double-breasted with a front that can be buttoned high or low below the notched collar.  It has also has pocket flaps at the hips.  I managed to find this pattern on the Vintage Patterns Wiki and it features Lucille Ball on the cover:

The magazine also features these two beauties:

The dress on the left is Hollywood #500 which is a "serene little dress for important afternoons".  It features a high curved neckline which "makes it a perfect background for some of your new Autumn jewelry".

The dress on the right is Hollywood #502.  Isn't that neckline pretty?  This pattern also contains a shawl with deep fringe to knot at the throat.  I found a picture of this pattern from nnaloh on the Flickr Vintage Sewing Patterns Group.  It features Jane Wyman from the movie "My Love Came Back" on the cover:

The last two patterns featured in the magazine are Hollywood #501 and 495:

The lovely and talented Mena from The Sew Weekly has made #501 in one of her early dress posts.  Check out the wonderful photos of her in the finished dress!

Do you have any Hollywood patterns?  Have you seen any that you just adore?  Have you sewn from any?  Do share!!


  1. I have recently finished a blouse from a Hollywood pattern and found them amazingly easy to sew with. Also, their size 12's are considered a 'child's' size and so seem to be graded to suit petite ladies, I love not having to adjust everything!

  2. Aren't the fashion illustrations lovely, and I lust after the shoes on the cover model!
    I have a couple of Hollywood patterns - haven't had a go at one yet.

  3. Wow, a Glamour magazine from 1940! Lucky you! Every so often there are surprise bargains on eBay...

    Thanks for leaving the first comment on my 100-follower Giveaway! I think that probably deserves a few extra bonus points. :-)

  4. Oh swoon! I particularly love 502 - such incredible details!

  5. That you got is a luxury! You had much luck, thanks for sharing

  6. What a lucky find! Don't you just love those little Ebay wins that seem to just fall into one's lap for next to nothing?! I just snagged something super cheap last week too (a total fluke) and can't wait to get it... ;)

    I adore Hollywood patterns--I have a couple and cherish each! I simply adore #502--the entire silhouette looks so flattering and pretty. Thanks for sharing these!!! :)

    ♥ Casey | blog

  7. It's so fun to see the vintage pattern ads!! I love the cover of the magazine too! i wasn't aware Glamour magazine dated back that far. Love your blog!



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