Monday, June 20, 2011

Mission McCall Mondays: Some Missing Images

Thank you for all the lovely comments on the new flat! I love how Kat described it as a 'ray of snuggly sunshine'! I love that!!

This week I'm happy to fill in a few of the missing images from the Mission McCall Mondays.  The first three images are from Cécile (aka Petite Main at the wiki) and are from 1936.  First up is 9001 (which I've been dying to know what it is....isn't it lovely?):

 I really love the the back on this dress! So beautiful!

Next up is 9006 for the low-neck dinner gown:
This look definitely epitomizes mid 1930's gowns for me!

9007 is also absolutely stunning:

I also found several images from the December 1936 McCall Style News on Trevira's flickr photostream including McCall 9049:
This may be my new favourite gown pattern!

YAY! Glad to have found a few more images!  Happy Monday everyone!

Missing images so far: 502, 503, 505, 507, 508, 510, 9000,9002, 9003, 9008, 9009, 9011, 9012, 9013, 9014, 9017, 9030, 9040, 9041, 9048, 9050, 9062 and 9073. If you want to contribute to the Mission McCall--just email me the images or pattern covers and I'll update them in the Vintage Pattern Wiki.  myhappysewingplace[at]googlemail[dot]com.


  1. Wow... I dont think I've ever seen 1930s patterns. I might be inclined to agree with you about the last one. Its absolutely gorgeous and would translate into an amazing designer dress. Have you got plans to make this? x

  2. Love the 9006 low neck dinner dinner gown, it's beautiful. Are these patterns still in existence somewhere?

    I'm so glad you've found a new flat - it looks bright and full of natural light. You must be so relieved and excited too.

  3. All so pretty, The first one would make a lovely night gown with a vintage long robe to go over it!

    The last one I really like as well!

  4. Gorgeous, love the low neck dinner gown, so chic!

  5. The first one is my favourite - I love that low-cut back! I've been complemented on my back on numerous occasions (I know - bizarre!) so I like clothes that allow me to show it off in a stylish way.

  6. Hi Debi, these are very elegant dresses. The last one is just gorgeous. I have just read your post about your new flat - it looks very welcoming.

  7. I'm righ there with you on that last pattern, its devine! I really like the arm hole, how it comes back to meet the seam line. Its really interesting!

  8. I do love that last pattern! What fun to have place to wear a dinner dress like that.

  9. Love that 9007- can picture how beautiful that would be.

  10. I love the last one - I hope you find it and make it up!!

  11. I love the first dress with the low back...just gorgeous! The double breasted one is really chic. A definite winner for me too.

  12. I really love the first one. I'd like to try that one.

  13. waaaaa, I love that gown...double breasted look! too cool!

  14. Oh, they're all beautiful...Though I love the 9007 and the collar on the last pattern. 9006 is classic, I can imagine many of the stars from the 30s in that one, and in fact am pretty sure I've seen Norma Shearer in something quite similar!


I read each and every comment--thank you so much!

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