Sunday, June 5, 2011

MMJ 5: Ted's Excellent Adventures

It's back to being a bit chilly here in Edinburgh!  Today I got the chance to meet Jane, a lovely woman from Wales who blogs over at Daisy Donut.  You must check out Jane's blog...she just finished the most lovely Burda jacket as part of the tailoring sewalong hosted by Patterns-Scissors-Cloth.

Jane was not alone.  I got to meet her partner and a lovely guest named Ted.  Ted is helping Jane fundraise for the Macmillan Cancer Support charity.  Here are the three of us enjoying a lovely cup of tea:

Ted is currently on a holiday around the UK and stopped in Edinburgh for a visit.  He's lovely to chat to and is quite glib.  Here we are getting to know each other.  He's such the gentleman, complimenting me on my me-made outfit:

He really knows his sewing stuff!!  Here's a photo of him helping Jane out with her fabric stash:

As I mentioned, Ted loves to fact, we had trouble keeping him in one place!  Here's a photo of Jane and I....Ted had wandered off to explore the gardens:
Ted loves meeting fellow bloggers, and he’s travelling the UK blog scene to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.  Macmillan is celebrating it’s centenary this year and Jane and Ted are hoping to raise over £1,000 for Macmillan before the end of next January.

He’d love to pop over to your blog, and here’s how
  • Either leave a comment on this post or email Jane at daisy[dot]donut11[at]gmail[dot]com to invite Ted over.
  • Jane will contact you via email once Ted is ready to come to you, at which point, all Ted and Jane ask in return is that you use the Just Giving button in the right column on her blog and make a donation to Macmillion Cancer Support – any amount is greatly appreciated.
  • Jane will pass your details on to Ted’s current host/hostess, and he should arrive a few days later.
  • Ted spends about a week with you,  hanging out and having fun (and most likely sewing up a storm!).
  • When it is time for Ted to move on, Jane ask that you take responsibility for the postage costs to send him on to his next host/hostess.  1st class parcel post is £2.25 and 2nd class postage is £1.95 (approximate costs)
  • Jane will add a link to Ted's blog about his experiences with you and will twitter on about it.
Unfortunately Ted doesn’t feel he’s up to long distance surface travel in bubble wrap and a poly bag – for now he’s staying in the UK.

I think Ted is really onto something...what a brilliant idea!!  He's so cuddly and you want to invite Ted over?


  1. What a brilliant idea, and such a fantastic cause. I would love for Ted to pay a visit to my blog. I could do with his help seems like he is an excellent sewing assistant!

  2. I have just invited Ted to visit me in Oxford :-)

  3. Ted is more than welcome to come and visit me in Norfolk - look forward to hearing when he can make it x

  4. Marvellous! Ted is quite the charmer! I wish he could come across the pond and visit me, but since he can't at this time, I've tweeted about the opportunity to host him within the UK:!/Mme_Sparkles/status/77751422850043904

  5. I've invited Ted to come and visit me - nice blog as well

  6. What a great idea! Love that Ted is raising money for cancer.


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