Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sew Grateful Week--Rescheduled for February

January is sure flying by!  I've decided to reschedule the Sew Grateful Week to the first full week in February to give us all some more prep time.  There's been little sewing around these parts as I am completely re-organising my sewing room at the moment.  It's almost done and it is so much better!

You may recall from the first Sew Grateful Week that the idea is to use fabric, pattern, book or other item that was given to you in a giveaway or as a present from a family member or friend and to showcase that project on your blog during the Sew Grateful Week.  Haven't received any material sewing items lately?  That doesn't matter --we can be sew grateful for the time people put into organising sew-alongs, tutorials, etc.  Why not jump in and participate in that sew-along you missed or make something from that tutorial you've been thinking about?  Even if you don't get around to finishing a project, maybe spend some time blogging about what you're grateful for in relation to your hobby and the sewing community?

I hope you'll join in for the Sew Grateful Week in February!  Button coming soon...  Now I just need to figure out which lovely gift to sew!!

In other news, have you heard about the "Vintage-Inspired, Modern Style Design Challenge" hosted by BurdaStyle?  It sounds really fun.  You basically take one of the patterns from the 'Vintage Notions' book (a book that my Dad got for me that I absolutely love), or a pattern from Amy Barickman's other lines and update it for your style.  You then post it as a project on BurdaStyle and they do some judging and award some amazing prizes!  The U.S. winner gets one of these 160th anniversary limited edition Singer machines:

Unfortunately, the international winner doesn't get one of those but they still get some cash and neat other swag.  I am SO IN!

Anyways, check out all the details here...

Like I said before, I just adore the Vintage Notions book and I'm looking forward to trying out some of the projects and adding my own unique twist!

Or why not join the U.F.O. (i.e. Unfinished Objects) Party that Marina from Frabjous Couture is hosting?  I just organised all my UFOs today and I could definitely use a party to get those finished!

Another exciting challenge is the 'Sew Colette' Sew-along, which is hosted by two of my favourite ladies--Sarah from Rhinestones and Telephones and Erin from Miss Crayola Creepy

They are planning to sew all the patterns from the book (one a month).  It sounds fantastic!  I am happy to say that I've just joined the rest of you.  I just got my book in the mail today!!!  A birthday gift!  YAY!

My, my....I best get a move on and finish tidying up this sewing room!


  1. Oh, that machine is so nice, though I do want an actual vintage one more. If I have time, I may enter anyway. Thanks for the heads up! (I don't check BurdaStyle's site enough.)

  2. 1. That sewing machine is beautiful.
    2. Can't wait for Sew Grateful! I will definitely be participating.
    3. Thanks for mentioning the sew-along! xo

  3. Debi,
    I am so happy that you postponed Sew Grateful! I can use the extra time; my sewing area is in disarray at the moment!
    And thanks for the heads up about the Vintage Notions Sew Along! I lovelove that book! And that sewing machine is to die for. wow!
    I don't have any UFO's, {too obsessive!} but that is a great idea!
    I am going to check out the Colette sew along though; I bought that book for myself (autographed!) and just adore it!
    xo, Anita

  4. Wow, even when not sewing you seem super sewy-busy. That sewing machine rocks!

  5. Debi, darling! Thank you so much for mentioning our sew along. :) The Burda contest looks amazing and I love that black Singer - very Featherweight-like. :)

    I've got the new date for Sew Grateful in my calendar. I have some gorgeous fabric from Miss Meg the Grand that I have plans for. ;)

  6. Thanks for all the coolo links Debi. I sew want one of those Singer machines but I wonder if they are made in China? Lokk forward to Sew Greatful.

  7. I've had my eye on that machine for quite some time... so beautiful. Thanks for posting all of the links. You're a doll, as always :) Happy organizing!

  8. That machine makes me drool! Can we buy it if we're not a contest winner?

    Thanks for organizing Sew Grateful Week! I definitely have some gifted fabric and patterns to look through.

  9. Hello!

    I have just found your blog and all I can say is wow!!! You sure are very talented!!

    Sew grateful sounds fantastic- count me in! This will be the perfect kick to my current sewing block.



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