Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sneak Peek: 'WE' Handwoven Scarves!

Thank you all for the lovely, lovely comments on my posts talking about our social enterprise start-up called the 'Weaving Destination'!  I wanted to share some sneak peek photos of the handwoven 'WE' scarves we will be selling (and some more this week on fabric as well!)  I am super excited!  To me, handwoven scarves are great because they make perfect presents but it's also a way to test out some designs that we may want to use for sewing fabrics!!

Each of the scarves is named after the weaver who made the scarf and we're hoping to have these up on Etsy by next week!  Let me know if there are any colours, patterns, etc that you really like and think would make good designs for sewing fabric!!  A super big thank you to my friend, Imola, who volunteered to model in some of the photos and who also acted as photographer in the other photos!

The 'Mina' Scarf:

This is probably one of my favourite scarves.  It's more loosely woven than our other scarves.  It's make from all handwoven cotton with burgundy and gold colours (and where they cross it becomes a bit more of a raspberry colour). It sort of reminds me of Griffindor colours.

You can see how the light comes through the weave in the scarf.  So pretty!

The 'Sohila' Scarf
What I love most about the Sohila scarf is the colour combination.  It's a bit of a salmon and light teal combination and check out how the two colours get interwoven at the bottom of the scarf so that they look perfectly mixed:

The 'Sobani' Silk Scarf:

Sobani is one of the first ethical 'Eri' silk scarves we'll be selling.  It's so soft and lovely.  The ethical silk comes from the 'Eri' silkworm that is native to the State of Assam, India.  The silkworm is not killed in the process of making the silk and the moths leave the cocoon when it is ready to be spun.  It feeds on local Castor plants.  The silk is not dyed at all--so this is it's natural colour.

You can see that the Sohila scarf is also loosely woven varying the natural shades of the Eri silk into a criss-cross pattern.  We've also got our labels on these scarves.  The name 'WE' will be applied to the scarves and later to come, fabrics.  It's stands for 'women's empowerment' but also for all of us--together, 'WE' are creating beautiful things and supporting each other.
The 'Romila' Scarf

The Romila scarf is another one of my favourites.  I simply love the desert colours and the beautiful striped edges.  Again, teal is making an appearance (oh, how I love it so!)

The 'Anila' Scarf

Last up in this sneak peek is the Anila scarf.  It's the perfect blend of burgundy and purple colours.  If you look really close, you can see the alternating pinstripe effect:

What do you think?  Don't you love the colours? Which one is your favourite?  Do you think any of these would be nice for sewing fabrics?  What colours do you want to see in sewing fabrics?  Or scarves?


  1. I want the maroon and gold one!!

  2. Wow, those are beautiful fabrics.  Just went back and caught up on last week's posts by you and Javita.  What an amazing project!  I don't usually comment, but wanted to wish you well and share my support!  

  3. How lovely! I think the first one has to be my favorite! I've been trying to add more scarves in my outfits and these are so inspiring!

  4. Oh my! What beautiful scarves!
    My favorites are Mina and Anila.
    Sohila has a pretty color combination too!
    I think Anila would make the best fabric since it is an almost solid and could be the most versatile. Congrats on bringing your ideas to fruition!

  5. Gorgeous!  I like all of them, but my favorite is the Sohila scarf.  It's so fun to see you make forward progress on this project.

  6. They are all very beautiful, but the salmon in the Sohila scarf is exactly my colour, so that is my favorite.

  7. I like mina, anila and romila! They are beautiful! 

  8. oranges_and_applesNovember 29, 2012 8:28 AM

    these are lovely!

  9. My favourit is the Anila. The last few weeks I've been obsessed with burgundy!

  10. Ooh! Congratulations! Anila would be a beautiful fabric! I love this colour. You look fab in it. Where is the gorgeous garden you are in?

  11. Romila would make a GORGEOUS border "print" (I know it's woven, but couldn't think of another term) fabric. Oooohhh, to die for!

    The Middle Sister and Singer

  12. Mina and Romila are my favorites. See my message too! Sue

  13. Oh, Debi, these are all beautiful! Such pretty colors and designs! I'd love to see more of those gorgeous plaids and stripes; I especially love the colors on the Romila. I'd be interested in sewing something up with one of these fabrics, even if I had to save up for a while to afford it :)

  14. These are beautiful! I love the Mina scarf!

  15. They look just gorgeous, and a wide variety of styles of patterns to suit a lot of people. Yay!

  16. My faves: the Anila and the Sohila, for color and texture.  Beautiful!  And such a great enterprise.  Kudos to you both for making it happen!

  17. Aaah! I'm in love with these scarves! 

  18. I love the Sohila color combo the best, but in terms of a fabric I would most likely use, I vote Anila! All of these are gorgeous, though -- those are just amy favorites! So exciting to actually see the physical (okay, virtual representation of the physical) fruits of your efforts!

  19. I love all of these!  The Romila is probably my favorite with the stunning desert colors - they are all so beautiful!


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