Wednesday, January 20, 2016

1940 Skiing and Cold Weather Fashion

This article from the 2 February 1940 edition of Marie Claire magazine is aptly titled "I do not want to be cold"!  I couldn't agree more!  The question is, what did women in 1940 wear in the snow or very cold weather?  Check out these pages for inspiration for cold weather vintage wear (including hand muffs)!

I particularly like these shoes, so practical yet stylish:

The 15 January 1940 Vogue Magazine also has a special feature on what to wear for the skiing and the snow:

And just as importantly, what to wear under your ski or cold weather clothes:

While I personally don't enjoy or know how to ski (brrr......too cold for me), I do live in a very cold climate.  So it's great to see practical cold-weather 1940 styles!

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