Monday, April 25, 2016

1940 Fashion Trend: Hoods

Hoods, hoods, of my favourite features of 1940 fashion!

 The April magazine has this to say about McCall 3678:
"One Important Thing about spring dresses is--hoods.  Look at the princess dress on this page, No. 3678.  We show this dress in summery white to make sure that everyone understands that hoods have nothing to do with winter.  Hoods are not to keep the ears warm, not even to shade the eyes, not to preserve the finger-wave, but just for style. They are now a big spring and summer fashion!"]
My version of McCall 3678:

According to the April 1940 McCall Advance Paris Style booklet:
"There are three things here of utmost fashion importance--the hood, shown on a dress for the first time, the big pockets, which you see everywhere, and (view B) the return of the fly closing.  Not only is this princess dress smart in light-weight wool with its hood lined with printed crepe, but it's being made all of print, too.  The hooded printed dress is something as new and as fresh as tomorrow morning.  No. 3678  Sizes 12-20. 50 cents" 
Hoods were all the rage in 1940.  Here's a few hooded patterns from other pattern companies.  DuBarry has some really cute ones.  I just love the double-breasted hood jacket from DuBarry 5097 (especially with the cute Scottish cap!)

Simplicity has some classic hooded patterns.  I just got Pattern 3322 from one of my favourite reproduction pattern sellers Lady Marlowe Studios.  I can't wait to make both the trousers and the hooded blouse.  I also love the cross-over dress (Simplicity 3352):

I love how unique the Hollywood 1940 patterns are!  Especially the low-cut hooded jacket that lets the bow of the dress peak through:

Now to my favourite pattern company!  I have McCall 3715--which is a beach robe.  The polka dot version on the May Style News is so cute! The lining of the hood even has the reverse polka dots:

Some of my favourite hooded patterns from the 1940 catalogue are the loungewear and nightgowns:

Not to be outdone, Simplicity has a pretty awesome hooded robe pattern:

Hoods also made it onto evening gowns.  I love the sheer hooded blouse of McCall 3771:

Look how chic the lady in the white hooded blouse of the DuBarry pattern looks:

Of course, hoods are found extensively on jackets, capes and coats from 1940.  Here's a few McCall pattern examples:

Which of the hooded patterns are your favourite?

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