Saturday, May 14, 2016

Spring Accessories: Daffodil Yellow

We've been experiencing some chilly spring weather here in Edinburgh.  As per typical Scottish design, it wavers from being brilliantly sunny to very cold!  Without a doubt spring is one of my favourite seasons– both for the lovely flowers that start to pop up in gardens all over the city and the daylight that now lasts until almost 10pm!

You may recall my challenge to come up with seasonal accessories to go with my Tabula Rasa or 'Blank Slate' 1940 McCall dress.  The daffodils reminded me that yellow is such a cheery colour for accessories and I have this lovely yellow tilt hat from the era.

I paired the dress with a yellow belt that I made for my 1930s "Firefly Gown" and a pair of new Aris Allen shoes (I love these shoes so much I have them in brown, red and black...teehee)

The array of daffodils are beautiful – little ones, big ones, all yellow or all white ones and the ones above which are white with yellow centres.

Overall, I am quite pleased with this spring accessories ensemble and glad we caught the daffodils in bloom this year!

What are some of your favourite spring colours and flowers?

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