Saturday, November 28, 2009

Changing my mind Part 2

Back when I was in NYC, I was very eager and cut out fabric for a bunch of different patterns.  Now that I have actually started sewing, I look at patterns differently.  For example, I cut out fabric to make the following skirt and matching bolero with a plain cotton purple halter top and matching cuffs on the bolero:

I've cut out some beautiful bright fabric for this:

But now that I am looking at the pattern again, I'm not so keen on it.  The skirt has way too many gathers at the top.  With this 'busy' fabric, it may be too much.  Plus, I don't really like how short the bolero is and the halter top looks a bit odd.  I am thinking of using the fabric for a similar, yet different outfit.  I am hoping I can salvage the already cut out material to make the skirt from this pattern (view 1 on the right):


With the bolero from this pattern:

And the high-collared top from this pattern (the top will be in a plain purple fabric):

So, I'm not sure if it will work....but I will let you know!!!


  1. Oh, what great patterns! If you haven't, I recommend you to make a toile/muslin before cutting the "real" material, that way you can eliminate UFO:s and also achieve a better fit. Google it to find out how, a toile is not a finished garment but much simpler, and so worth the effort, especially when sewing with vintage patterns (since the fit is more of a gamble then).

  2. btw, I know about changing your mind... I'm on the forth or fifth unfinished project in a month now, I can't decide what kind of christmas-dress I want!

  3. Yeah...I think I got a bit impatient to get started. I definitely will be doing toiles from now on! Thanks Karin!


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