Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Next Sewing Project: the 1930's Silk Dress

hmmm...I have lots of projects lined up and almost ready to go, one of which is a dress pattern from the 1930's (DuBarry 1494B).   I want to make the one on the right (though with the current weather, I should probably make the long sleeved one!)

I bought some amazing teal silk fabric in NYC to make it with.  I, unfortunately, already cut out the fabric before fitting the pattern (or making a muslin).  I am hoping to still make a test run dress out of some lining silk I have since I have never sewn with silk before (and well, let's just say that I ended up taking out lots of stitches in the other dress).  That way it will fit me and I can try everything out before sewing on the nice fabric.

I've also been checking out one of my favorite stores here in Scotland and found this amazing jacket that may just go with the dress (I need to take a swatch into the store to see if the colors match...but they look pretty close to me).  The jacket is my incentive to finish the dress soon (before the jackets are all sold out).  They have great clothes with contemporary Scottish plaids, check out their website at:

Carina AW09 : £69.95
Carina AW09 : £69.95
Carina AW09 : £69.95

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  1. Both of these patterns looks increadibly stylish and modern... I'm so jealous of the 1930's dress, it's gorgeous (and they are quite rare)!


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