Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Best Years of Our Lives

This last weekend David and I watched the 1946 film 'The Best Years of Our Lives'.

What an amazing film!  Beautiful screenplay, excellent acting and great scenes!

While I tend to gravitate more towards fashion from the early 40's, there were several outfits that I really liked in this film including this cute plaid bow tied blouse:

This incredible portrait hat:

And Myrna Loy's ruffle blouse:

Have you seen this film?  If not, I highly recommend it!


  1. I remember it when I was little, but I adore that plain makeup, that's how I tend to do mine. Simple in shades but massive eyelashes. xoxo

  2. Uhm.. You know I lost felt when see ruffles and bwos. I loved the post today.

  3. Hi Debi
    I just looove that movie! I've seen it 6 times already, over the last years. I never get tired of it, so I went out and bought the DVD.
    I'd like to mention that all your outfits are absolutely adorable.(my style indeed!) So I was wondering since your a beginner sewer(me too) all your outfits look so professional, well done! How do you do it? What do you do when your stumped during a sewing technique? I would like to know. Thanks!
    Keep on sewing!
    Irene from N.J

  4. I will have to keep my eye out for it. My fav movie is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

  5. Oh thats one of my favourite films - it was one of the first films to deal with the post war changes to society, how the war affected class systems, how men coped with the return to "normal"... brilliant film.
    I love your style btw, so hard to believe you are a beginner to sewing and not a well schooled professional! Love your work :-)

  6. I agree with was a really brilliant film that dealt with some gritty but real issues...then again, I also agree with you that there is some spectacular fashion!

  7. My husband and I just watched this one ourselves and you're right...It is an amazing, wonderfully written & produced film. Just remarkable and well worth one viewing at least, if not many more!


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