Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A 1950's gathered skirt

Ever since Gertie posted a tutorial (back in Aug '09) on how to do a gathered skirt, I've been wanting to try it (check out part 1 and part 2 of the tutorial here).

To follow on the floral theme, I decided to use up some floral fabric from my stash (alas not as nice as the other fabric--but it's pretty too):

I decided to pair this with a pretty pink vintage cashmere sweater.  This is how it turned out:

And here's another shot:

I like how quick this is to put together!  I definitely needed a quick fix this week as last week was a bit more intense (but also fun) :-)

Any quick projects on your list?


  1. Wow, I love this outfit!! I want to try making one myself!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. It looks so lovely. Aw, it reminds me so much of spring with that pretty floral fabric and your pink blouse. Pardon, I'm having a bit of seasonal depression as I see the snow build outside my window.

  3. Ooh! I always love quick and easy projects like this. The fabric you used is so pretty--as is the resulting skirt!

    Alas, I keep wanting to make something that is quick, but between all the prep work for the sew-along (which I'm delighted to do--I'm not complaining! :) and some super-secret projects, I simply don't have the time. *sigh* Not that I'm not daydreaming... haha!

    ♥ Casey

  4. This looks lovely and comfortable - a double win!

  5. It looks absolutely lovely, you're on a roll! I'm planning a dirndl using gertie's tutorial, too. I'm thinking of pleating instead of gathering though...

  6. So pretty!
    I feel spring is in the northern hemisphere air...

  7. Aaaw, how cute! I must give this a go someday soon!

  8. What a lovely skirt!

    I have *many* projects on my list. Le sigh. The one I might actually get to in the next week or so is the Study Hall skirt in a lightweight rose-colored corduroy. I need to make it while it's still winter and I can wear it!

  9. Love it! Great job.

  10. Very pretty, Debi! I'm so jealous of your sewing productivity. I gotta get my skates on! x

  11. Very pretty! That was super fast after the stained-fabric troubles earlier this week!

    Nothing quick on my list these days - the Sew-Along blouses should be quick but stopping to photograph all of the sewing steps for the sew-along makes it slow!

  12. So cute!! What a feminine outfit all around, and the floral print is adorable.

    Happy sewing!



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