Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Autumn Colour Palettes

Color palette 2
 Image sources: 1. Some of my fabrics, 2. Me-made 'Angels Culottes', 3. Ness 'meadow' tartan, 4. pink meadow colour palette--my own creation.
I absolutely love the colour palette challenges that Colette patterns hosts every season!

I used the colourlovers website that Sarai from Colette patterns suggested. It's great because you can actually upload photos and it takes a sample of the colours in the photo! 

I actually have three colour palettes for Autumn.  I just couldn't decide which I liked best--so I'm going to use all these colours and create three different streams for my sewing!  The first one is composed of greens and pinks.  These are often associated with Spring but I think these would look lovely for Autumn as well.
If you've been following my sewing for awhile, you know that cerise or a hotter shade of pink is a bit of a staple. 
Color palette 1
Image sources: 1. Teal colour palette--my own creation, 2. me-made 'Mrs Peacock' outfit, 3. Ness Dotty jacket in 'Crush', 4. Gucci 2011 RTW collection, 5. Gucci 2011 RTW collection (I LOVE the colours in this collection), 6. Alexander McQueen 2006 collection, 7. Ness 'Northern Lights' tartan, 8. Chocolate and wine colour palette--my own creation.
My next set of colours incorporates teal--a colour I hope to be sewing a lot of this Autumn.  I want to use my 'Mrs Peacock' teal tweed skirt as a basis for several outfits.  

The third set of colours is inspired by reds, pinks and chocolate browns.  I call this my 'chocolate and wine' colour palette. I love it (almost as I love chocolates and wine)!  It incorporates a lot of red tartan as inspiration.

What about you?  What are your Autumn sewing colours? Are any of these colours in your plans?


  1. I love your Mrs. Peacock outfit, definitely my favorite! I'm not doing an autumn challenge, but I do love teal. Blue and red seem to dominate my next several sewing projects, I need to change that up a bit!! Good luck with your 3 palettes :)

  2. I love all of your palettes but was not surprised to see Ness featured :)

  3. Mrs. Peacock you rock! But that warm pink/brown/red palette is my favourite. I'm trying to find burgundy reds, but no luck yet.

  4. Oh, turquoise looks fabulous on you! I love petrol and turquoise, but they just don't go with my skin tone.

  5. The palette wine, pink and chocolate is definitely my favorite! In addition to sharing these delicious food tastes ... I am very excited looking forward to enjoy your fall projects.

  6. These are all such lovely palettes! I recently decided upon an autumn palette myself, but lately I have been struck by the lack of red in my wardrobe. I used to wear red all the time in my RTW years, where did all the redness go? So I am contemplating adding some red nuances to my palette. Love the "chocolate and wine"- palette for this reason! :-)

  7. The teal looks so beautiful on you! Otherwise the red and brown palette was right up my alley =)

    My fall sewing has a lot of dark red, pine-green and navy. No surprises, but I like my traditional dark jewel colours =) Lately I've been comtemplating adding a dark chocolate brown dress to the sewing list, but the list is already too long...

  8. Love them all!! I love that you're a rich/bright colour girl, too. :) I'm up there with hot pinks, teal, and purple this fall.

  9. oh, man, don't even get me started! i love your palettes--rich, bright happy and sure to keep your spirits up all winter--and i am afraid of the color lovers website after i tried to make a palette for myself this summer and got completely sucked into a vortex of amazing but never-ending projects :-) there was an actual chart involved. it was scary.

  10. I have to say I love them all. You with your Ness shop there you darn lucky girl you!!!
    The A. McQueen pallet may be my pick if I had to pick one for Fall.

  11. Ooh I do like your teals with the greys! So pretty.

  12. lovely! I think this will really blend with so many items you already have

  13. Suddenly I am very hungry. For cherries, chocolate and wine. Or maybe for cocoa and toast. Hmmm. I'm looking for cinnamon for my own autumnal garb.

  14. I love these three routes you're taking! As Sarah said, they're all so rich. My colors are a slate grey (pinstripes!), violet, bright navy, a dash of dirty chartreuse, and a pop of crimson.

  15. I always mean to try out colour lovers! these pallettes are all brill!


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