Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Ghost Goes West

Over the weekend, David and I watched 'A Ghost Goes West', a hilarious story set in Scotland and the US that was made in 1935.

It features Robert Donat (who also starred in The 39 Steps) and Jean Parker.  It's about Glourie Castle in Scotland (which as far as I can tell is fictious) which is haunted by Murdoch Glourie.  An American (Jean Parker) comes to Scotland and convinces her father to buy the dilapidated castle from the last Glourie descendent (Robert Donat).  He sells it to them (as he is in quite a bit of debt) only to find out that they plan to take it apart stone by stone and reconstruct it in Florida.  Hilarity ensues when the ghost of the castle goes with them.  It's a fantastic and funny story and apparently was a big hit in the UK--ranking as top movie in 1936!

Below are some stills from the movie of the beautiful outfits that Jean Parker and Everley Gregg wear.  This time period is really one of my favourites for fashion--so glamorous.



  1. Oooh, the outfits are fabulous!

  2. Thanks for sharing these images. I agree with you that this was a great time in fashion history, I wish I could dress like that everyday :)

  3. Seem to be a funny movie! I really love vintage comedies the most.

  4. Boo Netflix doesn't have this movie. We have one local shop in town I can check there.

  5. That looks like fun! I love the stole in the still with the knight in it!


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