Thursday, February 16, 2012

Poll: The Next Sew Grateful Week

I want to get your thoughts on when I should hold the next Sew Grateful Week!  I'm thinking once a year (so we don't get fed up with being  I have a nifty poll for you to fill out to help me decide:

Please leave any additional thoughts or ideas for the next Sew Grateful Week in the comments!

As part of the Sew Grateful Week, I highlighted 15 patterns and tutorials, 16 reflection posts, 23 projects and 31 giveaways!!  How amazing is that??? It was great to see all the interactions and it has even spurred new projects (check out Moon Munkie's Mystery Make Giveaway Experiment!)  I really enjoyed the week and am looking forward to the one next year!

In other news, you may have noticed that I have changed my comments on the blog and am now using Disqus (following Marina's lead--check out her post for more details on this widget). I had lots of people mention that before they weren't able to leave comments so hopefully this solves that problem!

I'll close with a picture from Mikhaela's (Polka Dot Overload) recently finished FABULOUS wool jersey skirt that I wasn't able to highlight earlier....

Definitely check out Mikhaela's post for the story behind the skirt!

Thanks again for a great week!


  1. I opted out of Sew Grateful because of some private matters that took up most of my time and energy,  but I think it is such a great idea and I look forward to anticipate next year!

  2. I wanted to take part using something from some of the swap-items I've gotten from sewing meet-ups, but timing was not so good for me (so close after Xmas/New Year's commitments). So same month but later suits me!

  3. Yay for being able to comment again!  And you can even "like" a comment!  Whatever is going on between Wordpress and Blogger has been so frustrating.  I am happy with Sew Grateful being anytime of the year.  I will always try to participate if I can.  (I blame work for why I was absent this time around.)

  4. I think it's a lovely idea, and I'd try to participate whenever it was held.

  5. Personally I'd like it moved slightly, selfishly because it's my blogiversary on Feb 20th and I realised as I was drafting my Sew Grateful post that it would mean I'd be repeating myself in a week or so (so I've decided to wait til my blogiversary instead). Obviously, you moving Sew Grateful week to accommodate me isn't actually something I'm asking, but I feel bad for not posting anything yet and wanted to explain myself :)

  6. I think the Sew Grateful Week is a wonderful idea! 

  7. Same month but a little later here too! It just gives a little more time for the new year dust to settle and for me to organise myself a little more! The giveaway is quite simple to organise but I'd love to be able to contribute a tutorial or pattern next time and get a finished item in too! Having said that, if we know a month or so in advance ( well, before Christmas for me) the planning would be easier!

    And yay for disqus, Wordpress and bloggers disagreement has been driving me nuts!

  8. Thanks for mentioning my experiment. Some people have popped over there already. I voted for same week next year, but if it moved I'd still join in.

  9. Oh an Edinburger blogger! :) Will have to come back and read-read your blog! :) x

  10. I couldn't get my act together to participate this year, but I'll start planning ahead for next year, whenever it happens, now. LOL 


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