Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{Sew Grateful Week} Round-up of Patterns and Tutorials

Can I just say how excited I am that so many people are participating in the Sew Grateful Week!  Thank you all!

Here's a recap of the posts so far in case you missed any:

Today's post is a round-up of some fantastic tutorials and patterns.  As with all projects, tutorials and patterns...if you use it or repost on the web please link back directly to these lovely bloggers who have created these things for us to enjoy.

Doing What Comes Naturally in N.C.: Apron Tutorial

A.J.A. who writes a fantastic blog over at Doing What Comes Naturally in N.C. has very kindly put together a pdf pattern based on one of her Grandma's pretty aprons.  In the picture above she is wearing an apron she made based on the pattern and holding up her Grandma's apron.  How great is that?  To get your free vintage scalloped apron downloadable pattern, visit her blog post here.

Annabellebumps: German Pattern in PDF

The lovely Annabelle who blogs over at Annabellebumps has been doing a fantastic project called the German Pattern Experiment.  Here's how it all started...

"A while back I fell in love with a few blogs that were dedicated to vintage style, and being a lover of history, I was immediately intrigued by the idea of sewing from the same pattern that someone else may have used 50, 60 or even 70 years ago.  I scoured eBay for vintage patterns and my first two purchases were won without a fight and for a very modest price.  Then I came across some German pattern magazine from the 1930's.  The patterns were very appealing, so I put in my $10 bid and carefully watched the bidding through the last day, satisfied that I was again the only bidder.  Well, the bidding on this particular  item was open until the wee hours of the night, so I bumped my bid up to $15 and went to bed confident in my winning.
The next morning, to my disappointment, I noticed I had been outbid - that darling had sold for over $50! Despite my sour feelings, I moved on and forgot all about the incident until three weeks later when I noticed the seller was again listing some similar items.  I quickly placed another modest bid and waited until the final evening of the bidding.  Hubby and I were enjoying a bottle of raspberry wine and relaxing on the couch as I sat with the laptop close by.  Again, I noticed these pattern magazines were a hot item and the bidding continued to climb.  Let me just say that after one glass of wine, the price didn't seem so outrageous, so I joined in the bidding war.  It wasn't too long before I found out that no one else was dumb enough to outbid me (doesn't anyone else drink wine while bidding on eBay?).
After the magazine arrived, I was in outright shock.  How was I going to sew from these patterns when I couldn't read a lick of German?  I turned to the internet to see if there was anyone sharing their experiences with these patterns - none (I do not claim to be any sort of research expert).  Well, I've decided that with this new year, I am ready to tackle this project."
And tackle it she has! She's made the slip pictured in the photo above and is currently preparing it as a PDF downloadable pattern for everyone! Interested in getting this pattern when it's done?  Hop on over to her lovely blog and register your interest!


Meg the Grand: Sewing Buttons Class

The fabulous Meg who blogs over at Meg the Grand (who I had the pleasure of meeting in NYC) recently hosted a free sewing class in her apartment for anyone who wanted to learn how to sew buttons.  Here's what she says...
"I am so grateful to have learned this incredible skill and I wanted to share my passion with anyone who wanted to learn. The response was astounding: 12 people showed up for an afternoon of food, laughter, and learning.  It was an honor to have them all in my home and be able to teach them something I love so dearly."
What a fantastic idea! Oh and I love that there was wine and food available--so cozy and fun!

Auxetically: Brooch Base Tutorial

You may recognize Laura from Auxetically as she's also hosting a fabric giveaway for Sew Grateful Week.  Have you ever wanted to make a brooch but weren't sure how to get the base just right?  Well, Laura has a brooch base tutorial to help!  Thanks Laura!

Cation Designs: Gollum Valentine's Day Card Print Out

I already mentioned how I share Cation Designs love for the Lord of the Rings trilogy (by the way she is also hosting a fabulous pattern giveaway).  Well, this tutorial of sorts proves it! She has brilliantly created (in pencil, gold gel pen, calligraphy ink and red ink) a Valentine's Card based on Gollum from Lord of the Rings.  To print this out, you can download versions at the Cation Designs blog!

Petite Mess: Fabric Loop Tutorial

Mariló who blogs over at Petite Mess has very kindly put together a tutorial for making fabric loops. Look how beautiful that loop is. I know I always struggle with this so having a tutorial is fantastic!  Also check out Mariló's giveaway for two BurdaStyle magazines.

Mommy's Apron Strings: How to Hoop and Embroider a Onesie

Lisa who blogs over at Mommy's Apron Strings has put together a fantastic photo tutorial on her method for hooping and machine embroidering a onesie or tiny shirt!  Definitely check out this fantastic tutorial and also visit her giveaway post!

Thank you everyone for putting together these tutorials and making these patterns available! I also know there are a few additional tutorials and patterns that people are working on for this week that I'll highlight at the end of the week.

Tomorrow's post will be a round-up of all the Sew Grateful Week reflection posts.  Drop me an email (myhappysewingplace [at] googlemail [dot] com) if you've done a post and I'll try to capture it in my post tomorrow!  It's been fantastic reading about everyone's inspiration and support!


  1. Alrighty, my tutorial is up on my blog for the next roundup of Sew Grateful Week tutorials!

  2. Hi Debi, I've done my reflection post now at and also combined it with a giveaway for my blog followers.

  3. It's really fun to have new tutorials! Again, I am slightly behind the schedule with my simple pleated skirt pattern. Thanks again for organising all this Debi, and putting together these fantastic summaries!

    1. It's been really fun! I just loved your giveaway btw!

  4. Great pattern post! I particularly love the German one :D


  5. Oh. My. Precious. Downloading and printing right now. It's a running joke between Ryan and I, and our dog. Though she doesn't know that. Go Meg! So very cool.

  6. Great round up Debi! Thanks for including mine!


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