Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{Sew Grateful Week} Last Round-Up Post and a Thank You!

Happy Valentine's Day--hope you are all having a great day.  This is the last round-up post for the Sew Grateful Week!  I wanted to thank you all for making the week so amazing and fun.  It was great to see how many people participated and got to discover each other during the course of the week!

Here's all the posts from the week, in case you missed any:

Wow, I don't think I've ever blogged that much in one week! Thanks for sticking around and reading the posts and supporting the Sew Grateful Week contributors.

So without further ado....here's the last set of fantastic giveaways, reflection posts and projects!

The Kitschy Coo Giveaway for Fabric

Amanda who blogs over Kitschy Coo (and who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Crafters' Ceilidh meet-up) has just opened a fabulous online fabric shop!  AND she is hosting a giveaway for one metre of the knit fabric of your choice from her shop (I'm a bit partial to the orange hippos and red elephants...but that's just me!).

Here's what she says...
"To enter, leave a comment on [the giveaway] post with anything you want to tell me about. Except if it's mean. Internet high fives to everyone who plays along and makes it interesting. I'll post the fabric anywhere in the world except Antarctica. Bonus entries are awarded if you blog / twitter / Facebook / any other cyber-shenanigans but you'll have to come back to [the giveaway] blog post to leave additional comments or I'll lose track. If you are a mysterious person who doesn't have a clickable link to enable me to stalk find you, leave your email address too. I'll close up comments and randomly pick a winner on (Saturday) 18th of February."
YAY! Head on over to her blog and say hello and check out her wonderful creations and the great fabric she has for sale!

The Sew, Vintage, So Fun! Reflection Post Called I'm Sew Grateful for So Much

I really love following Anita who writes over at the Sew, Vintage, So Fun! blog.  She put together a fantastic reflection post on what she is sew grateful for.   She says....
"But what I am most grateful for is the love and support that I receive each and every day from my mister.  He inspires me to be a better person by the example he provides.  He puts his very best into every single thing he does, be it for work, home or family.  He is the best father that I have ever known!  Not a perfect father, mind you, but present and involved, loving, caring, giving, fun.  He is also the best friend I have ever had.  In all of the years that I have known him, through all that we have been through both separately and together, he has never judged me, put me down or dismissed me.  He knows all my secrets, and loves me both for them and in spite of them.

You may be wondering what all of this, nice as it is, has to do with sewing!  The simple fact is that I would not be sewing, or blogging for that matter, if it was not for him.  He believes in me and supports what is important to me, and knows that the hard work I have been putting in to forge a new life path for myself will pay off, even when I struggle with doubt.  Shortly after I started my blog he began one of his own in order to share the experience with me.  We do this side by side; he immersed in his music; learning, teaching and playing, and me involved with my sewing and stitching, vintage, books, writing and photography. "
How lovely is that?  You know what she is also sew grateful for?  Her brand new 160th anniversary Singer machine (pictured above). FAB-U-LOUS! I can't wait to see what she creates on that beauty!  Definitely check out her blog and read about her newest project from the Liberty fabrics sewing book!

The Crafty Traveller Project Called Gratitude

I am SO EXCITED! I had the chance to meet the super nice and fun Rachel at the Crafters' Ceilidh meet-up!  I was so bummed that she didn't have a blog.  Well, she does now!  She just started blogging over at The Crafty Traveller. YAY! Now we can keep in touch and I can keep up-to-date on all her lovely creations.  Here's what she says about her Sew Grateful creation...
"In the spirit of showing something made from a gift, I share my most recent offering to St. Claire (the patron saint of needleworkers did you know). This blouse was made from the pattern I obtained in the Pattern Swap on the Crafters' Ceilidh, with material purchased from Mandor's that same day.  The pattern is from 1969, and I had to chuckle as I made this because the material is probably exactly the kind of thing some people would have thought we'd be wearing by now back then. I mean, it's a silk/cotton/silver blend. Yes, that's right, it has METAL in it. Tee hee."
Love, love, love! Definitely check out more details and say hello over at Rachel's blog!

The Swell Sewing Project Called Bad Week Makes Good with a Little Sew Grateful...

I just adore Tracey who blogs over at Swell Sewing and her project posts during this week have really moved me.  Here's what she says about this project...
Last week my friend Laurie had a life changing week.  She lost her job via phone on the way into San Francisco for a doctor appointment and while in that appointment she got a hefty parking ticket while waiting for a review of a previous breast mammogram.  The outcome of the mammogram luckily will not involve any surgery, but there will be a needle biopsy to remove calcification and to identify them as non-cancerous.  Another Sew Grateful moment.
I am Sew Grateful, because it was only 3 months ago when I did have surgery on one of my breasts to remove a growth that thankfully also turned out to be non-cancerous.  The doctors identified it as P.A.S.H., something that I am still trying to understand.  I do know that this for me is the ticket to visiting the “squish your boob machine” at least twice a year.  The NOT KNOWING is the worst thing.  You just want to be diagnosed with what it is… and get on with your life.
For Laurie, she has been going back and fourth trying to find the right doctor to take care of this recurring problem she has with calcifications.  The process for her has taken a little over a month and on the other day when she got the parking ticket, she had reached her limit.  Exhausted and defeated, she told me of her woes while fighting off tears.   Laurie is one of the happiest people who I know, and when you are around her, she just makes you smile.  Well this is a smile that I want to encourage so….
This morning I made [the purse pictured above]...I am putting Laurie’s favorite York Peppermint Candy inside the Amy Butler’s “Key Keeper Coin Purse”.  I found Amy’s pattern for this little gem in her book “Style Stitches”  It is 1 of 26 bag patterns in this book. It’s a really pretty book with gorgeous pictures and delightful patterns with descriptive and easy to follow directions.
What a wonderful friend (and a great post)! Thank you so much for sharing!  Definitely check out Tracey's blog if you haven't already!

The Perfect Nose Giveaway for Knipmode Magazine

I'm super excited that Tj who blogs over at The Perfect Nose is also hosting a giveaway for Sew Grateful Week.  Up for grabs is a special supplement (October 2010) of Knipmode magazine. Here's what she says...
"Knipmode is a dutch sewing pattern magazine similar to Burda. The instructions are in Dutch and can be translated clearly using Google translate. If you have any experience sewing magazine patterns you shouldn’t require instructions for the most part. This special issue is a German version supplement and contains the following patterns:
  1. A wool coat pattern with a short wrap coat variation (patterns included for both)-shawl collar
  2. A motorcycle jacket pattern with a stand collar (for wool or pleather)
  3. A knit fabric wrap dress
  4. A cowl collar knit dress with a wrap collar top variation (patterns included for both
  5. A poofy skirt with a balloon hem variation
  6. A pencil skirt with a mini skirt variation
  7. A trousers pattern for denim jeans/ leather pants
  8. A knit fabric wrap top
  9. A tunic-shirt type blouse
The magazine is in mint condition and all patterns are included and still attached. Sizes range from (European) 34-46 (bust 83cm – 107 cm). I am in Australia but am happy to ship anywhere in the world (no track and trace-I’m a poor student) and am keeping my fingers crossed that this is the first giveaway of many. "
Fabulous giveaway! To enter the giveaway (and to see pictures of all the garments in the magazine), leave a comment over at Tjs blog and also comment on her giveaway post.  She'd love to know which garment you are interested in making. The giveaway closes Wednesday 29th February. Best of luck!

The Tanit-Isis Sews Reflection Post Called A Belated Sew Grateful

I've been a regular follower and fan of Tanit-Isis who blogs over at Tanit-Isis Sews.  She recently posted a Sew Grateful reflection post.  Here's what she says...
"Just in case I got your hopes up, this is not a giveaway. I’m not that organized (I am mail-ophobic) and I’m definitely far too distracted with Kingdoms of Amalur thesis-writing to come up with a  pattern or decent tutorial to share. Also Sew Grateful week was last week. See what I mean about organized?
This is, instead, a simple thank-you, to Sigrid of Analog Me, who in a fit of mental instability generosity last month decided to send me some patterns she had kicking around and didn’t need."
 How nice was that?  I just love it when there are sewing surprises!  Check out the rest of Tanit-Isis's post and her inspiring creations over at her blog.

The KristenMakes Giveaway for Jewellery

You are going to LOVE this giveaway.  My friend Kristen who blogs over at KristenMakes is hosting a fabulous giveaway for jewellery from her sister-in-law, Amanda's incredible line of handmade jewellery line Timber and Tack.

Here's what Kristen says...
So I may be a bit late to be joining in on Debi‘s Sew Grateful awesome-ness, but it still felt high-time for another giveaway.  Yesterday was T’s and my 6-year wedding anniversay (whoop whoop!), and because of busy schedules we’ve had to postpone a proper celebration although we did manage to get out and see The Muppets!  …but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a proper celebration on the blog!   So celebrating with a giveaway, I am!
I’m doing something a wee bit different from my last giveaway and wanted to offer something that I think everyone will appreciate, crafter or no.  I’ve personally chosen a few of my faves from Timber and Tack and the chance for one of YOU to win one of THESE LOVELIES, my friends, is what I will be offering in this giveaway!
To enter the giveaway (which is open internationally), all you need to do is be a follower of Kristen's blog and leave a comment on her giveaway post by Sunday the 19th of February at 8pm GMT.  Don't forget to leave an email address so that she can get in touch with you.  If you want a second entry, just tweet about the giveaway but leave another comment on the giveaway post to let Kristen know that you've tweeted!

Definitely head over to KristenMakes to wish them a happy anniversary and check out Timber and Tack to see just how talented her sister-in-law is!

Thank you again everyone for a wonderful week! I know not everyone who wanted to was able to participate in this week's celebrations--but there's always the next Sew Grateful Week.  I hope to post again today or tomorrow with a poll for ideas on when to hold the next Sew Grateful Week!


  1. Making Sew Grateful Week was fantastic idea, thank you a lot, Debi! :)

  2. Whoa, I'm famous! ;-)
    Thanks again for organising all this, and for inspiring me (and others I'm sure). What a lovely gift that is for everyone!

  3. Such a great idea! Thanks for setting all of this up- I have been discovering blogs I had never heard of before :D

  4. Thank you for all your hard work Debi. I've found so many lovely new blogs!

  5. Oooooh! You included my giveaway! I really thought I hadn't posted in time, yaaaay! You ROCK! This has been such an amazing week for blogs, all thanks to YOU! Love ya gal!

  6. Thank you so much for including my little blog, and for your kind words about it!
    I can't wait to share some sewing with that beautiful machine. Thanks again for introducing me to it!
    xo, Anita

  7. I just want to say 'Sew Grateful' to you Debi! Not only do you have a wonderful blog, but you are such a fantastic supporter of the sewing blog community. By organising meet-ups like the Crafter's Ceilidh and events like Sew Grateful Week, by having the loooongist blogroll in your sidebar linking to tons of other sewing blogs, and by visiting other's blogs regularly and always supporting them with your comments, you bring everyone together and you are a true ray of sunshine in sewing blogsville!

  8. Debi, thank you for the lovely sew grateful week.

  9. I was late to the party and missed it but really enjoyed reading the compilation posts, well done Debi for your hard and inspirational work!

  10. Debi, this week was AWESOME. I really enjoyed the community feeling amongst all the people taking part. I've never been involved in anything like it before. I'm quite new to all of this. But I decided to do another giveaway this week with the aim of encouraging people to be involved with each other's blogs. Would you take a look? And if you think it's a good idea, maybe you would mention it. I don't have many followers yet, so I'm trying to geet people to hear about it. Thank you! http://moonmunkie.wordpress.com/2012/02/15/moon-munkie-mystery-make-giveaway-experiment/


I read each and every comment--thank you so much!

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