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{Sew Grateful Week} Projects Part 2

Here's the second round-up post of all the Sew Grateful Week projects! I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Also, here's the links to the other posts from the week in case you missed any:

A Fashionable Stitch's Project Called the Sew Grateful Skirt

Oh! I am so (or sew?) excited about this first project sewn by the sweet Sunni who blogs over at A Fashionable Stitch.  Here's what she says...
Ever since I saw Casey’s Ginger skirt version – a great vintage-ish denim number – I knew I had to have one just like it. I’ve been in dire need of a denim skirt. Seriously dire. Especially as my lifestyle now is more laid back and wearing casual clothing is becoming more and more of a necessity. Since I wear my denim shirtdress so much – and this only since the beginning of January – I felt that adding more denim pieces to my wardrobe would be a great idea. Adding this skirt has been no exception.
I didn’t differ too far from Casey’s version. I used her clever pocket tutorial, but left out the buttons and opted to topstitch heavy thread a top the pockets, waistband and hem. Originally, I started out using a plain old denim needle from the stash to topstitch, but soon found that as I really wanted doubled stitching lines and the single needle was making a serious mess of the a double stitching line, I went in search of a twin needle. I had read about twin needles somewhere, and I actually have one and I’ve used it before on my knit top. But twin needles can come in different widths and I wanted one that was wider than the one I had. Got one and used it here on this skirt and Voila! perfectly spaced twin topstitching lines.
Brilliantly done, Sunni!  And if you haven't already been to Sunni's check it out.  She's got some amazing projects she's finished and she runs one of the best online sewing stores around!

A Sewing Odyssey's Project Called Scalloped Waist Skirt

Marie who blogs over at A Sewing Odyssey has made a fabulous scalloped waist skirt.  Marie explains...
 I want to express how grateful I am to all the generous people who create online tutorials. There are too many of you to name - and ones I haven't discovered yet - but I must say a special thanks to Casey whose wonderful tutorials I've used in abundance!
I can honestly say that online tutorials have taught me some truly priceless skills and techniques and have given me ideas I could never have dreamed up!  But I don't underestimate the precious time and effort that these beautiful, talented people dedicate to photographing/ filming and sharing such educational tutorials.  The online sewing community is selfless like none other and I feel very privileged indeed to be part of it.
Back in January I even outlined a number of tutorials that I want to try out this year and I'm happy to say that I can tick my Sew Grateful project off this list - the Vivat Veritas Scalloped Waist Skirt!
This is fantastic. I definitely want to try out this tutorial too!  To see more photos and to read more on the construction process, visit Marie's blog.

The Seek Speak's Project Called the Octopus Clutch

I am super happy to highlight a project from Seeks who blogs over at The Seek Speak as I just adore her sewing projects!  Here's what she says about her 'octopus clutch'...

I have a gift exchange I'm attending that requires that the gifts be handmade.  Based on this tutorial I found via Cut Out & Keep, I decided to make a clutch for my charge because I knew she didn't have one she could use for fancy occasions. She loves octopuses too, so I thought I'd try to make something with an octopus accent if I could.

I'm really happy with the octopus, in terms of embroidery technique. I used this book that I won in a giveaway over at Diana & Me. I wrote a little about my experience with the book, and Amy does a good review of the book too. It's not my favorite primer, but it serves as a great refresher for me on stitch options for these kinds of projects.

I also lined the purse with another fabric I won from Monkey Magic last year (I mean, it was 25 fat quarters' worth of fabric, and she gave me some great prints!)
It's really great to see how many parts of this clutch came from other bloggers! Thanks so much Seeks for highlighting this really fun project!  Check out more details from Seek on the construction of this clutch over at her blog.

Chiral Craft's Project Called Sew Grateful Week and My New Mixer Cover

Laura who blogs over at Chiral Craft has a fun project that she put together for a mixer cover!  Here's what Laura says...

I wanted to participate in my own small way, in order to say thank you to everyone in the sewing corners of the intertubes. Your blogs, photos, tutorials, threads and posts have been the single most important factor in improving my sewing. there are many kind and helpful people who have been my mentors in many ways. And there are a lot of handy tutorials out there for free, including this one to make a Kitchen Aid mixer cover from Heart of Mary.
Brilliant! Isn't that fabric great?  Thanks so much Laura for sharing.  Definitely check out Laura's blog for other goodies!

The PFC Mom's Project Called The Skirt

Rozy who has a lovely blog called PFC Mom blog (PFC stands for Practical, Frugal and Clever woman--LOVE it) has put together a great project and post for the Sew Grateful Week.  Here's what she says...
 Here's the finished skirt for the Sew Grateful Week. I think? my sister gave me this wool when she was cleaning out her supplies. I used Butterick #B5466, view B, which is an extremely simple pattern. I am please with how it went together so quickly. I plan to make more this these comfortable skirts. The only adjustment I made was to lengthen it by two inches (to cover my ugly knees).
I'm "sew grateful" for all the younger seamstresses, whose blogs I read, for their enthusiasm and inspiration. It's wonderful to see a new generation embrace the skills and creativity of making your own clothes. Seeing so many making and wearing vintage styles gives me hope for the future. We can dress in beautiful and feminine clothes of our own choice, rather than being slaves to the fashion industry a la Vogue.

I've never followed fashion and didn't recognize designers clothes (why should I?) so when I watched the film The Devil Wears Prada I wondered what all the fuss was about. I then subscribed to Vogue to get a better understanding of the fashion world. It's a good thing the subscription was cheap. In the two years I got the magazine I think I tore out pictures of only two outfits that were attractive to me. Most of the clothing, as well as the models, was UGLY! I wondered what happened to the Vogue of the Fifties where the models looked healthy and happy, glamorous and successful. The girls I saw now looked sick, on the verge of death, depressed, drowning in sorrows. SICK! (Sorry for the mini-rant)

So, thank you again, to all you who sew your own clothes for looking healthy, happy, and successful in life. You inspire me to keep honing my skills, trying new challenges and having lots of fun doing it!
What a wonderful post and what a fabulous skirt! Thank you Rozy Lass!  Do stop by her blog to say hello.

The I Knit and, Sew What's Project Called Sugarberry Briefs and Stripey Bandeau Bra

I was delighted to receive an email from Popbabe7 who blogs over at I knit and, sew what?  Here's a little bit about her...

"I travelled from France to Wales nearly 7 years ago heart-broken and desperate for a change in my sad life. I met a gorgeous bloke, got a job and everything from this point seemed to fit. I enjoy many things in life and have recently finally dared to have a go at knitting and sewing. I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I like posting on it! Follow me on my fittingly-named challenge "A Project A Week" where I'll try to craft a different garment every week this year using my current stash."
She got the book Sweet Nothings (seen above) for Christmas which is also her birthday and had a go sewing up some knickers from that book! She also made a bandeau top.  Here's what she says...
"Since my first project went well and I still had a bit of time, I decided to experiment with some stripy cotton fabric I had in my stash. This is also a Sew Grateful project since the fabric was given to me by my grandmother's partner (he is not my grandfather, she met him after my grandfather passed away). Back in the days he used to sell Singer sewing machines, and this was the fabric he used to make demos. I wanted to see if I could make a shirred bandeau bra which would be useful in summer under halter-neck dresses."
Definitely check out her blog for more pictures and construction details and check out her 'A Project A Week' challenge! Very inspiring!

The Petite Mess's Project Called Petite Shorts and Reflections

I'm delighted to share a project from Maril√≥ who blogs over at Petite Mess. You may recognise her name as she hosted a giveaway and has done a tutorial for the Sew Grateful Week! She made these adorable scalloped shorts from scraps of fabric and sewed buttons onto the scallops for a fun effect!  Marilo also tells us a bit about what she is sew grateful for...

"It's impossible to explain all I owe to sewing and to be grateful for, because it would be too long to tell.  Since I was a child I've been thinking in garments almost every day, if I liked something, I immediately imagined how to adapt it to my style or my body shape.

Sewing has helped me to take this ideas out of my head, and although I've not been very active, to know that at any given moment I can create something makes me happy. Just thinking about sewing makes me happy, I've sewn more mentally than I've really done. But this is about to change. And I'm grateful for this change. Now I have a place where I can sew, and I love it. 
I'm sew grateful to my family for their support in my love to sewing, my sisters who wear my garments and inspire me to keep on working and making sewing my job.  I would love to but I have a lot to learn. 
I'm grateful to the world of sewing blogs, full of talented and creative people, that inspire me and make me want to continue with my sewing.  Since I'm in this blog world I've only heard kind words. And grateful to the Sew Grateful which has permitted me to know a lot more, to make my first giveaway and tutorial, two things I didn't think I could do and it's been fun. Thanks Debi." 
Thank you so much Mariló for sharing your lovely projects with us! Definitely go and check out her blog called Petite Mess and read more about the construction of these fabulous shorts!

3 Hours Past the Edge of the World's Project Called "Merino Kimono" Wrap Top

You may recall from my previous patterns and tutorials round-up post that Steph who blogs over at 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World  has just finished making a pattern for her kimono wrap top and is selling it through Craftsy!  Here's the original inspiration for that updated and reworked pattern.  As Steph says...
 Remember my obsessive crush on Advance 7701?  And how Jane lent me her copy?  And how I made it up in a vintage-inappropriate cotton knit and vowed to make another in merino for winter wear?  I did it.
...The fabric came from New Zealand (a gift from Leimomi when she visited, no less!) and it’s summer here, I went ahead and made my winter merino version.  This fabric is incredible.  It’s smooth and softer than soft against my skin.  And, ever thoughtful and detail-oriented, Leimomi chose a perfect shade of teal.
It's absolutely fabulous! I just love it and plan on getting my own copy to make up soon!  Check out Steph's blog for more of the construction details and other patterns and tutorials!

The KristenMakes Project Called My Minoru!...and Getting Back into the SeWING of Things

I am really excited to share with you Kristen's latest creation!  Kristen (knitter extraordinaire and fabulous lady) who blogs over KristenMakes was a co-host with me of the Crafters' Ceilidh meet-up.  Here's what she says about her latest project...

A few weeks ago I found myself at the Crafters’ Ceilidh and completely surrounded by some fabulous and inspiring sewists.  I had the best time and was so motivated and enthused for making and creating I couldn’t get wait to get back to my sewing machine.
So back to my sewing machine I went, to get on with the Minoru Jacket from Sewaholic Patterns.

Now to be honest, I haven’t done much sewing in the past year.  I’ve sewn,  but only if you call pushing out quick projects, cutting corners, and not necessarily loving the result.  I feel like the deeper into knitting I dive, the further away from sewing I am.  While I’m reading fabulous blogs about some beautiful home-made garments involving some really intricate sewing techniques, I tend to get down on myself and think I can’t do that stuff.  But after the meet-up, I started feeling the sewing bug bite a little harder.  I’ve been sewing for over ten years, made some really difficult projects, and taught many other people to sew as well – why is it so easy to forget those things?  So I gave myself a mental slap in the face, and decided to get back into the SeWING of things…  Yes, its silly I know, but it had to be said.  So I decided to make my Minoru and make it PERFECT, something that I would be incredibly proud of. 
 And proud you can definitely be! This is such a fabulous coat--well done!  Stop by Kristen's blog and check out more on the construction of this coat and her other projects!

What great projects! I can't believe the Sew Grateful Week is almost over.  It's has been truly amazing.  I've got one more round-up post for Monday which will be a mish-mash of giveaways, tutorials, reflections and projects and then a final reflection post.


  1. Thank you for including me!!! All these projects are absolutely brilliant- so much inspiration.

  2. Oh my gosh! So many beautiful/fun/artsy projects! I can't decide which I like best.

  3. Well done with all the round ups - there's been SO MUCH going on, it's been fab x


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