Sunday, February 12, 2012

{Sew Grateful Week} Projects Part 1

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I've got some amazing projects to share with you all as part of the Sew Grateful Week!  I've also gotten a few more giveaways, tutorials and reflection posts that I will post tomorrow and then the last post of the Sew Grateful week (also on Monday) that will be a sort of wrap-up and planning for the next Sew Grateful week!  Woot! Woot!  First, I want to thank you all for your wonderful comments on all the posts--they've been such a pleasure to read!

Here's the links to the other posts from the week in case you missed any:

Here we go....

Lladybird's Project Called The Big Reveal--The Fabiani Coat

Sew Grateful Factor:  Lauren was gifted the pattern, the fabric, and someone took the gorgeous pictures for her. She also used a post from Gertie on tacking down the lining.

If you haven't already come across Lauren who blogs over at Lladybird--you must definitely check her blog out.  In terms of inspiration this lady ranks an 11 on a 10-point scale.  She makes some amazingly beautiful and innovative projects.  

Here's Lauren's recap of the details:
Pattern: Vogue 2925 (Thank you, Molly!)
Fabric: Coating – Sea Green Solid Coating (Thank you, Tracy!!); Lining – Bemberg Rayon Ambiance Lining in Kiwi
Notions Used: Horsehair interfacing, fusible interfacing, silk thread, self-covered buttons (made to order, yeehaw!), and the tiniest piece of silk organza.
Isn't it beautiful???  And check out her signature label that she hand embroiders for each of her projects! I just love it!  Check out the post on the big reveal of the finished coat and the construction post here.

The Megan and the (Sewing) Machine's Project Called My Strawberry, Style Print, Sew Grateful Dress

I am SO EXCITED for Megan's project.  She won this pattern from me in one of my giveaways last year (I in turn had gotten the pattern from Charlotte at the UK meet-up pattern swap) and I must say it's one of my favourite patterns to have worked with and she did such an amazing job!  I just love the strawberry print and the great red belt and buttons (and matching nail polish)!  Here's what Megan says...
"I had a lot of fun making this dress, and learned a lot!  It was the first time I've done anything with a collar, which came together a lot more easily than I was expecting.  I had a play with more flat-felled seams, and used them on the shoulder seams, the seams closing the bottom of the sleeves (not sure what these are called), and then decided that I wanted to put them on the arm-hole seams as well!  So that was incredibly fiddly, but I think it worked out well - and now it looks so beautiful on the inside!
In other news, I found out that the machine I have been using has a blind hemming foot, so I used that to do them hem of the skirt and the sleeve hems, and it looks lovely - except for where the machine decided that it would be a good idea to take a navy blue stitch straight through the centre of a red strawberry.  But I think I am the only one that will be looking that closely at the hemming, so it doesn't particularly matter, not that there's much I can do about it aside from hemming all 3m of the skirt by hand.
Overall, this was a lovely lovely pattern to work with, and I'm so glad I got to make this dress!  My sister is currently working on a version of her own, so hopefully that'll appear on here at some point in the future.  Debi, thank you so much for sending me this!  I'll try to find it a lovely new home when the time comes - maybe next Sew Grateful week! :) "
What a grand idea!  Definitely check out Megan's project post and blog!

The Swell Sewing's Project Called Operation Comfort Doll

I was delighted when Tracey from Swell Sewing contacted me about a project she had just finished for Sew Grateful Week.  I find it truly inspiring. Here's what she says...
Well I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do, I didn’t actually have anything in mind that fit the criteria for Sew Grateful Week.  But, then it hit me.  I recieved a “Sew News” Mag in the mail about 2 weeks ago and while I was browsing through it I read a moving article called Operation Comfort Doll.  This project encourages crafters, like us to give back by using our skills to sew these dolls.  They will bring comfort to women who stay in domestic abuse shelters.   These women are given a doll to inform them that they indeed are not alone as they start to rebuild their new lives.  Since 2007 Ms. Brenda Hutchings has ran this charity and has distributed over 1000 dolls to shelters nationwide!  Each doll comes with a special note that states:

I am a comfort doll.  I was made especially for you by a woman’s heart and hand who cares.  When you need strength or just a smile, hold me and feel the love I send.  Like me, you are unique, worthy, beautiful, and deserve all good things in life.  You have the strength within yourself to be extraordinary.  Find the strength and shine!  Comfort Dolls- made with our hands- given with our hearts.

These 6 dolls, made by yours truly,  are being sent off to Indiana to help those who may need them- I am  SEW GRATEFUL  that I am fortunate enough to have a loving husband!!!  
As many of you know, ending violence against women and children and providing the best care and support for those who have experienced violence is an issue that is very dear to me.  I just love this idea and thank you so much Tracey for sharing with us!!  What a fantastic way to celebrate the Sew Grateful Week!  Definitely check out Tracey's blog and her Operation Doll post.

The Sew Far Sew Good's Project For Refashioning a Cardigan and the Colette Meringue Skirt

Charlotte who blogs over at Sew Far Sew Good undertook two lovely projects for the Sew Grateful Week.  She explains...
"Using no.1 of the 10 commandments in the book [Chic on a Shoestring given by MrPB] I thought I would rebutton a lovely cardigan. Now the cardigan itself I am grateful for, it must be 40 years old and comes from a big bag of clothes given to me by a lovely friend.  am also so very grateful to lovely Charlotte from  for the sweetest green spotty buttons and the fabric used for the patch, you could say I'm a slow burner as I've had these goodies for almost a year but wanted them to be on the right creation!
So that is my main Sew grateful offering, but I wanted to quickly add my gratefulness to mum and dad who gave me the Colette book for Christmas. My mum was so impressed with it that she bought herself a copy. When I visit next week we are planning to to start making the dress together helping with perfect fittings! But I have had a quick go at making one of the skirts."
I LOVE both of these projects! Thanks so much to Charlotte and her mum (who I also had the pleasure of meeting).  Definitely check out Charlotte's blog and her Sew Grateful projects post

The Hectic Eclectic's Project Called Sew Grateful for Burda Patterns

The lovely MrsC who blogs over at Hectic Eclectic has a great project to share with us!  Here's what she says...
Today I want to share my delight and gratitude to Burda, for making pattern 7396.  I have had this EXACT garment in my head for years now, but it was just a bit more thinking than I was willing to put into a make for myself.  So when I was passing time while on holiday idly flicking through the Burda pattern book in a shop and found this one, I was ecstatic.  And it was half price!  It has a hint of the 1910's era about it, fun for the year of the Titanic Centenary and the popularity of Downton Abbey!
I LOVE it! It does remind me very much of Downton Abbey! Definitely go and check out MrsC's blog and her Burda 7396 project post.

Annabellebump's Project Called The German Pattern Experiment

Ann who blogs over at Annabellebumps, who you may remember from her incredibly generosity to share a pdf of this very same pattern with us all, has finished the first garment from her German Pattern Experiment.  She says..
"Can you believe it?  Six weeks into my German Pattern Experiment and I finally have something to show you!  For my first pattern I chose to make a simple piece of lingerie and sew it up in a light cotton voile.  You know how much I love working with silk, but chose to make this from cotton because I wanted this to be more like a pair of summer pajamas.  Also, I wasn't quite up to the challenge of grading the pattern to fit exactly how I wanted it.  But since I couldn't completely let go of the idea of silk, I chose use a piece of left over silk from my Pendrell blouse to enclose the raw edges under the bust.  (Well, technically it's under the bust, but since I did not grade the pattern, it's much closer to my waist)."
I just love this! And the enclosed seam on the inside is brilliant!  Hop on over to Ann's blog and check out more on her project and register your interest to receive this very same pattern in pdf if you haven't already! ____________________________________________________________________________

The Sew Essentially Sew's Muslin for Simplicity 2398

Graca who blogs over at Sew Essentially Sew has a great work in progress to share with us!  Here's what she says...
"I'm sew grateful that I finished the Simplicity 2398 muslin last night.  My niece is coming over tomorrow to try it on. I hope she's impressed with the muslin. I can say that I am.  I like how it is sewn as a strap around the neck and then flows in a single layer in the back. And the gathers in the front bodice, I like it more than I thought I would. It is very pretty."
YAY! What a lucky niece I must say!  It looks fantastic and I can't wait to see the final dress.  To read more about the construction process, head on over to Graca's post and definitely check out the rest of her blog while you are there!

The Monkeysocks Learns to Sew's Project Called The Skirt du Soleil

This project definitely brings a BIG SMILE to my face!  You see, it all started when we were at the Crafters' Ceilidh meet-up swapping fabric and patterns.  There was a piece of fabulous orange fabric that no one seemed to want to take home with them.  Here's what she says...
"At the pattern swap at the Crafter's Ceilidh, there was some bright orange glossy eyelet fabric that no one could think what to do with. It was quite stiff and looked like it might have been a table cloth. As no one knew what to do with it, it was given to me to take home, as a challenge to my ingenuity. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Except that my ingenuity wasn't needed, the moment I showed it to Lindsey she wanted a full gathered skirt made of it. And the material was perfect, it was a border fabric, with the edges finished in a deep glossy scalloped band, so I didn't have to hem it or anything, and I used that part for the waistband too. It was very easy to make, I made a lining out of some cream pillowcases from my stash, which were the perfect size, and put in the zip I had put in her pencil skirt upside down the other week (I hadn't wanted to put it back in that tight skirt in case it wasn't as robust anymore). 
It is a great success, Lindsey danced about in it looking very cheerful! It has a little girl party skirt feel, but in the orange it is fine for day. It is very cheerful, both in shape and colour, so Lindsey named it the Skirt du Soleil. CHALLENGE FULFILLED."
ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! Well done, my dear!  You definitely made this fabric come to live and I would hazard a guess that there are a few of us now thinking 'why didn't I take that fabric?' :) So, definitely check out Monkeysocks' blog and she what else she is getting up to!

The Vintage Girl's Project Called Sew Grateful Appreciation Blouse

I just adore Gina who blogs over at Vintage Girl and was super excited to see her Sew Grateful project post where she sewed up a pattern she received from another one of my favourite bloggers, Nan!  Here's what Gina says...
"Nan from Nans News from the North sent me this lovely pattern. Thank you, Nan! Check out her blog, she has been sewing for many years and lives in Alaska.  So today as part of my appreciation for the online sewing community I made up the 40's blouse pattern she sent to me.  The oversize collar frames the face well and fit is comfortable.  
This blouse will be great paired with a skirt or some shorts. It's also easy everyday vintage styling.  I am finding I need a few of these kinds of garments to live in. I have lots of dresses, but often times yard work, tending to the chickens, baking and doing life keeps me from wearing the vintage clothes I love so much. This is a great way to "go vintage" on a hectic day and still have some comfort.  
Even as I have highlighted Nan today,  you too have been just wonderful beyond words. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, to all of you who have left me a comment, sent a email and offered your knowledge on your fabulous crafting/sewing blogs.  I know I have learned so much from YOU! So keep those tips coming and remember you may never know who you have helped and encouraged along the way with your gift of creativity.  Hugs to you all."
It's so true! Thanks so much Gina.  Check out Gina's other lovely creations on her blog.

I hope you are as inspired as I am from all of these creations?  There's more to come later today. Thank you everyone for sending me your project posts--this has been so much fun!


  1. These are great projects, love Annabelle's. Thanks for including us. Nan is a sweetie, and so are you. We really do need each other as we grow in this thing we call a hobby, but we all know it's way past that. lol Thanks for starting/hosting this unique and fun project.

  2. Wow what a stunning variety of projects! :) Love that Skirt du Soleil too!

  3. Thanks for doing this feature! I feel really privileged to be up there, spotlighted with so many amazing ladies.


I read each and every comment--thank you so much!

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