Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year discount on all Weaving Destination scarves and shawls!

Happy New Year everyone!!  I am very excited about 2013 and am looking forward to a few sewing days at home before work begins again.

In celebration of the New Year, we are offering a 10% off discount on everything in our Weaving Destination Etsy store!  Use coupon code 'Happy2013' at checkout for the discount.

There are some lovely cotton scarves, 100% vegan ethical silk shawls and a few bags that will match one of the fabrics in the spring collection available:

Happy New Year! Here's to lots of sewing time this year!



  1. Just purchased one! I love this wonderful new venture Debi - seriously you are such an amazing woman! Thanks for the discount!
    xoxo, Sunni

  2. Debi_myhappysewingplaceJanuary 02, 2013 6:46 PM

    Thanks so much, Sunni!  Happy New Year!!

  3. Happy New Year Debi! And best of luck with Weaving Destination!

    Just one annoying question though: What is 'vegan silk'? 
    This may just be mysterious to me because English is not my native language. 
    As far as I know, vegans don't use animal products at all. This would make silk for which no silk worms were killed 'vegetarian' rather than 'vegan'. 'Vegan' versions of other things, like leather, are usually made of 'man-made fibres' i.e. plastics (in which case a 'vegan silk' would be something like polyesther or viscose/rayon)

  4. Debi_myhappysewingplaceJanuary 03, 2013 7:33 PM

    that's a really good point!! It may in fact be better to call it vegetarian silk or 'ethical' silk.  It just means that the silk worms are not killed at all....but I think you may be right in that calling it vegetarian or ethical might be more accurate!!  Happy New Year to you!!!

  5. Happy New Year Debi :) I can't wait to see what you sew up this year!!


I read each and every comment--thank you so much!

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