Sunday, May 12, 2013

Scotland Sundays: Regent Road Park

Today I want to highlight a real hidden gem in Edinburgh--Regent Road Park.  This very small park is such a tranquil place with views of Arthur's Seat, Holyrood Palace,  and the parliament building.

It's a very quiet park, there were only a few dog walkers when we visited.  We had a great time strolling down the short park lane filled with wooden benches.  I wore my Purple Parfait Pinafore (sewn from the Parfait Colette pattern) and my 1940s DuBarry blouse:

My absolute favourite part of the park is a circle of stones and plaques:

These 'Stones of Scotland' were gathered and arranged in a beautiful natural exhibit to celebrate the new Scottish Parliament.  There is a stone from each of the thirty-two local authority areas of Scotland. Here's a fabulous poem that was written for exhibit:

In case it's a bit hard to read on the's the full poem:


It requires great love of it deeply to read
The configuration of a land.
Gradually grow conscious of fine shadings,
Of great meanings in slight symbols.
Hear at last the great voice that speaks softly.
See the swell and fall upon the flank
Of a statue carved out in a whole country's marble.
Be like Spring, like a hand in a window
Moving New and Old things carefully to and fro.
Moving a fraction of a flower here.
Placing an inch of air there.
And without breaking anything.

So I have gathered unto myself
All the loose ends of Scotland.
And by naming them and accepting them.
Loving them and identifying myself with them.
Attempt to express the whole.

Hugh MacDiarmid (1892-1978)

How beautiful and touching is that?  Hope you have a lovely Sunday and a lovely Mother's Day to those in the States (including to my own wonderful mum)!


  1. Looks braw windy today! Really love this series by the way :-)

  2. What a beautiful poem. And a beautiful place!

  3. Eight years in to my love affair with Edinburgh and I never knew of this park, until now. Thank you! Your pinafore is so seasonally appropriate - the colour of crocuses :-)

  4. I have the Parfait pattern but, sadly, have yet to make it. Yours is lovely! I also really like that poem. Beautiful.

  5. Wonderful, thanks for sharing this, I shall make a point of visiting on my next trip through. You look a real "Bonny Lass" in that outfit and setting.

  6. Absolutely lovely! I so desperately want to go back to Edinburgh! What a precious city.

  7. Hi Debi, long time no see.... as I'm staying with a friend in Edinburgh at the end of October, I'm reading your articles of beautiful places to see - thanks for reminding me of that gem at the feet of Arthur's Seat.


I read each and every comment--thank you so much!

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