Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fabulous day in Edinburgh...

Today I met up with Tilly from Tilly and the buttons.  This was my first ever meet up with another blogger.  I was really excited to meet Tilly--we started blogging around the same time and I've been a regular follower of her blog and absolutely love her sewing creations! 

We started out with lunch at a laid back vegetarian restaurant:

We had so much fun chatting! I feel like I've known Tilly forever...she is so lovely!

After a fun lunch we went fabric shopping at Edinburgh Fabrics.  This was my first time in the store and it's fantastic (I will be definitely going back in the near future).

Check out the beautiful floral fabric:

We had fun plotting and planning our next projects together.  We both walked away with a lot of goodies from the store.  I got some beautiful blue cotton fabric for a summer dress and loads of zippers and thread.

Here we are together in the store.  I just had to wear my newly finished dress..I love it so much!

Then we went to an amazing tearoom/antique store called Anteaques.  I highly recommend this tearoom if you are ever in Edinburgh. 

The tea is fantastic, the scones are amazing and the places is packed with antiques.

We ended up talking with the owner about fabric and sewing....he wants to someday open a fabric shop.  He also had a vintage Singer machine in the tearoom that he ended up bringing out to show us:

Isn't that a beautiful machine?  It's a hand cranked machine and still works perfectly.

Then for the icing on the cake we looked through four charity shops that were in the neighbourhood....Tilly found a book that she already had and uses regularly as a reference source for sewing... so this fabulous sewing book came home with me:

What a FABULOUS day. Thanks Tilly--I had so much fun!


  1. I actually have my own story about Edinburgh Fabrics. Two years ago, my younger daughter got married in Scotland (she and her DH actually live in London but they both wanted to go to Scotland), so my husband and I made a real vacation of it, starting in London, going to Winchester, Salisbury, up to Edinburgh, then York on the way down. When we met up with my SIL's parents, his mum asked me what sort of hat I had for the wedding. Big gulp. I'd made a wedding suit out of brocade but...I had no hat. Everywhere we went, we dashed around the stores and boutiques madly looking for a hat, but no luck. In desperation, when we got to Edinburgh, I looked for a fabric store, hoping I could find something that I could turn into a beret that would 'go' with my suit. The day we found Edinburgh Fabrics, it absolutely poured - real cats and dogs - and because I had no idea exactly where it was, just the physical location, we walked all the way from the bottom of the street from Princes Street, getting more and more soaked as we went. Luckily, they had some brocade that was almost the same color, I bought my bit, a pair of teeny scissors, needles, and thread and created the beret from scratch in our B&B and finished it...just in time for the train trip out to the wedding.

  2. I'm happy that you had so much fun together!

  3. That looks like the most wonderful day of sewing, shopping, eating and blogging heaven. What more could two bloggers ask for?

  4. What a lovely place to sit down and have a cup of tea!

  5. SO jealous! As I have already commented at Tilly's blog, I can't wait til the summer holidays for a trip to Edinburgh with my unsuspecting daughter. That rose fabric! That's what I need to make a dress for a wedding!

  6. I just read Tillie's post as well, and I'm quite jealous. Someday I will make it to Scotland!
    Again, that dress looks SO much better. And the colors are so complementary to your complexion.

  7. What a great day you must have had!! And that DK sewing book is amazing -- I got it in a book swap a few months ago and it's the only modern book I ever refer to anymore.

  8. What fun! There's nothing like meeting a like-minded person. Thanks for sharing your lovely day.

  9. What a fun day! I just read Tilly's post about your meet-up... How delightful to hang out with someone new and fun, who also loves sewing!

  10. What fun and how nice to meet a fellow blogger. BTW can't wait to see your "Coco" to the Sew Weekly this week.


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