Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh my deary, how time flies

My goodness...I still feel like I'm in Me-Made-May and the first two weeks of June have already whizzed by!   I've got a few projects lined up at the moment.  One of my favorite things about Me-Made-May was I realized I need to actually FINISH the projects I start! hahaha.  I somehow always manage to leave some tiny piece unfinished on almost everything I sew! 

For example:
-The 1930's lounging outfit--pant legs are still not hemmed
-1950's printed leaves skirt--no button closure on the side (I, um, still use a pin to hold that top part together)
-1940's hot pink blouse--not properly hemmed

ahem :-)  so, I've been wrapping up a few of these projects.  The biggest one on my list is the alterations to the first dress I made (yup this photo was taken back in December!!!):

From this pattern:
I'm determined to make this dress fit properly!  A big thank you to everyone for all your advice earlier on tips for alterations.  I've taken up the shoulders and it has made a big difference!  Now I am tackling the front bodice, putting a few darts in the back and then I need to fix the collar and take up the sleeves.  Phew!  Put it's coming along slowly and I will be excited to finally wear it out in public!

What about you?  Any completed projects you want to revisit?


  1. No completed projects... but I sure have a ton on the 'wish it was finished so I could wear it already' list. Welcome back to blog-world!

  2. Oh I do the same thing - often delay finishing the final details! Now I have a little rule that I cannot do my final blog post until it is totally completed. It has worked so far, but let's see how long I last!!

  3. I love that dress, Debi! I have things I need to finish/repair, too, in addition to my sew-along items.

    Nice to see you back blogging again. :)

  4. I can't tell you how many things get taped in place because I want to wear them before I hem them and then years go by. Really! I have a pair of pants that I have worn for three years (Three years!) without having properly hemmed them. And I'm not going to lie, they probably won't get hemmed because the tape seems to work well.

  5. I agree, that dress is lovely!
    I think I have pins in a lot of my 'finished' projects too....


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