Monday, June 14, 2010

Morgan Cars

The other day David ran across a vintage car enthusiast meet-up in our village...

These are vintage cars from the Morgan Motor Company, a family run British motor car manufacturer. The company was founded in 1909 by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan (seen in the photo below), affectionately known as "HFS" and is still run by his great-grandson today!

 Here's a photo of Mick Jagger in a Morgan Car in the 60's:

Not sure how old these ones are?  Any thoughts?  They look fantastic!

They only produce about 650 cars a year!

I only wish I had been there to take some snapshots near the cars (hmmm...what would I have worn?  Definitely my bolero and matching skirt from the 1950's pattern!!  Or one of my 1940's outfits....hmmmm... what do you think?)



  1. Ooh, I love the cars! I can see you in your 1940's trousers, hot pink blouse, and your fabulous Ness shoes. All ready for driving!

  2. Lucky! They remind me of Cruella DeVille. I wonder how expensive they are?

  3. Beautiful cars! Also what an amazing building behind them --and that's in your village?! I would love to explore it.

  4. When I first got married, my father in law used to organise these sorts of rallies and hubby and I used to help out. I love old cars and these are great examples in a lovely setting. Morgans started production from 1980s to the current day, so although they are a retro design they could actually be brand new cars. My involvement with classics in those early days got me hooked and I now run around in classic BMW which is a baby at just 23yrs old!

  5. Sorry that should be Morgans started production in the 1950s. Doh!

  6. moprgan motors started business in 1910 with hfs morgan they started actually 1940's with the streamline +4+a that was a failiure and then they introduced the 4/4 later on which was one of morgan best selling car and still is today 


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