Friday, May 6, 2011

What I'm Working On...

Pin Queen had a good question: What's next on the agenda?  Well I am super excited to say that I am about to make my first stitches into this pattern:

Ooooohhh so excited!
I'm using this AMAZING fabric that I got from Croft Mill
It's a loosely woven tweed made from 70% Acrylic 15% Wool and 15% Polyester.  And let me tell you it is the softest, most beautiful fabric I have ever touched.  So much so that when I initially got this in the mail, I turned around and ordered more!!  I absolutely love this fabric but am yet unsure how it will 'behave' during sewing.  I'll keep you updated....

What are you working on?


  1. you are lucky to live over seas to get fabric. I just found out the U.S. doesn't have any mills left here to make fabric, it's all imported. Anyway, buy what you can! I love the dress pattern very pretty!!

  2. Wow, I bought this same pattern at a flea market just recently! I can't wait to see how it works out.

  3. A beautiful way to spend that beautiful fabric! The model chosen is absolutely brilliant, I looking forward to enjoy this jewel-suit.

  4. Wow! Assuming the fabric behaves for you, this dress is going to be stunning!

  5. Love this pattern! So classic and chic. It's gonna be great. :)

  6. Both are amazing, are you making the dress AND the jacket?

  7. it will be wonderfull, you must be making the jacket too?!

  8. This is a wonderful pattern Debi and you'll look so elegant in it! The fabric is gorgeous too...please keep us updated on how it behaves as I'm a big fan of Croft Mill and may have to place an order ;o)

  9. the first stitches are the BEST. and the last are the HARDEST.

    i think... god help me.... i'm working on a bathing suit next.


    that fabric & pattern are both gorgeous, i can't wait to see the outcome! you must have a nice burgundy with it!

  10. Gorgeous! And it is similar to the fabric in the pattern illustration (a frequent thing, for me). I can't wait to see this pattern made up, as it looks so Mad Men.

  11. Are you working on a little swatch? If I have an unknown fabric, I use a piece of scrap and stitch it, unpick it, cut it, mend it, fuse it, make a buttonhole and practice top-stitching so I can understand how it behaves.

    I'm sure it will be amazing!

  12. Hi everyone! Thanks for the comments :-)

    I am going to endeavor to make both the dress and the jacket!

    Kristen: that's so cool that you just found this pattern too...

    Oona: PERFECT idea...I'll have to hunt down some Burgundy...having some Rioja as we speak :) I can't believe you're making a are amazing!

    Steph: you are so clever...something like this would never cross my mind..hahahaha. So far it seems to be behaving though it really wants to unravel at the ends. I'm going to have to find some sort of seam finish that will work with the fabric (I don't have a serger)...

  13. Oooh that looks lush! And it is red, do I spy fabric for the meet or is this some other project?!?
    Me? After impatiently awaiting for the fabric to arrive (it arrived today!)I will be making my meeting dress. Although all this talk of wine and sewing makes me want to do it later in the day so I can enjoy a glass or five :)

  14. Oh, so much fun!! Didn't Mena post a free hat tutorial a week or two ago that included a pillbox hat? I could be imagining this, but that would be so cute if you paired the outfit with a hat like that :) You definitely rock the hats!

    I really loved working with my cotton blend tweed on my Beignet skirt so if yours is anything like mine it will be great to work with! No slip sliding around and my machine was able to go right through it. I love the texture and the feel, and it sounds like yours is similar!

  15. Gorgeous! Will you be making the jacket too?

    I'm finishing off a wrap dress at the moment and I've started cutting a 40's dress in emerald green wool crepe. I hope I can do the fabric justice!

  16. Wooow! Debi,this pattern dress is amazing!
    And the jacket is so lovely :D

    Burgundy color is perfect for this outfit.

    I'm working on a polka dot dress with a bow belt and peter pan collar! Sooo excited!!! *_*

    This is my blog:

  17. I love this pattern and your fabric choice is lovely. I think it's the same as I have in my stash! I bought it to make my Mum a cape for Xmas - she's still waiting for it.....
    Looking forward to seeing this outfit! Don't forget to interline your dress otherwise, if the weave is open you'll end up with a "seat" in your dress where your bottom pushes the weave out of shape when you sit down.

  18. That fabric is beautiful, looks like a great choice for the pattern too.

  19. Oh wow - I have this very fabric from Croft Mill! I know exactly what you mean, it is so so so soft, but I've also been wondering how it will behave when I'll be waiting with baited breath on your updates!
    The pattern is gorgeous, and perfect for that pattern - really looking foward to see how this turns out!

  20. This is going to be fabulous. The fabric is beautiful and the pattern is really cute. I also recommend to interface the fabric or you could do it the Chanel way with a quilted lining to maintain the softness of the fabric.


I read each and every comment--thank you so much!

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