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{Sew Grateful Week} Giveaways Part 4

Woot! Woot! We are on giveaways post number 4! How amazing are these giveaways?  Here's the first three giveaways posts in case you missed them: 
Giveaways Post 1
Giveaways Post 2
Giveaways Post 3  
The VickiKate Makes Giveaway for a Snood, Reader's Choice of Burdastyle pattern, Yarn and a Vintage Pattern

The lovely Vicki who blogs over at VickiKate Makes is hosting several giveaways! First up is a hand made snood by Arthelia’s Attic.  It’s in a gorgeous purple colour and the grosgrain ribbon is held on with a safety pin so can be removed if that’s not your aesthetic and used as a brooch or anything else your heart desires. This is the same snood that I have (thought mine is in pink) that I had on in my Sew Grateful reflection post.  They are lovely snoods.

The second prize up for grabs is for those sock knitting fiends.  Vicki is offering a skein of hand dyed Fleece Artist Sea Wool.  Its 70% Merino and 30% Seacell and 350m/112g.  The label recommends 3mm needles to give 26sts to 4″ and it’s machine washable.  It’s in gorgeous shades of greens and blues.

Vicki is also offering a BurdaStyle electronic pattern of your choice!  It could be something as classic as the Jenny Pencil Skirt or one of their new Boudoir patterns…  What ever your heart desires!

The last item that Vicki is giving away is a beautiful vintage pattern from the late 1950's/early 1960's (Simplicity 3829). It has been used but the pieces are all present. Along with the pattern Vicki is offering some bias tape made from 100% cotton shirting (pictured above with the pattern) that she also happens to be making her Jasmine blouse from.

If you’d like the pattern and bias tape, please leave a comment on this giveaway post by Vicki before midnight on Sunday the 12th of February.  If you want to be entered for the snood, yarn or BurdaStyle pattern, leave a comment on her other giveaway post here.  These giveaways are open to everyone, everywhere as long as you’ve got a postal address!  As Vicki says...
"So, here’s to the future and the continuing friendships I hope to keep building and making, with the common thread (Da Dum!) of sewing!"

The Frabjous Couture Giveaway for a Kenneth King Tailoring eBook

Next up is Marina who blogs over at Frabjous Couture.  I had the pleasure of meeting Marina when I was in New York City this last Autumn and I had such a great time chatting with her and I even walked away with a healthy pile of vintage patterns she had brought to swap! I really admire Marina and love following her couture sewing adventures (and learning new things along the way!)

Marina is offering up an e-book called 'Tailored Jacket: The Tailoring Techniques of Kenneth D. King' to one lucky reader.   She writes..
"Tailored Jacket is an e-book documenting the process of creating a tailored jacket, from the cutting out to the finishing. With over 300 photos illustrating techniques in detail, the book covers among others
  • Materials and tools
  • Patternmaking to create the linings, facings, and other corollary pieces so that all pieces fit together perfectly
  • Interlinings
  • Complete construction of the garment, with "sidebars" at different points in the process. For example:
  • The perfect way to ease a sleeve cap
  • Constructing the notch lapel, as well as the shawl lapel.
  • Handling uneven shoulders
  • Constructing the lining, including installing the hidden lining pocket and piping"
To enter this giveaway, leave your email address over at Marina's giveaway post and she'll pick one lucky winner.  The giveaway is open to everyone!

The Moon Munkie Giveaway for a Cupcake Pin Cushion

This lovely giveaway is via Moon Munkie--a delightful blog that I've just started following!  The giveaway is for one felt cupcake pin cushion.  As she says...
"You can see a set of 6 [above] that my Moon Munkie is baking in her oven – minus the pins of course!" 
Isn't that adorable?  To enter this giveaway just leave a comment on her giveaway post and the giveaway is open until Wednesday the 14th of February.  Even if you don't win, you can go to the cupcake post and get the template and pattern to make your own!   And I agree with Moon Munkie..."What could be nicer to celebrate Sew Grateful Week?"

The Down the Retro Rabbit Hole Giveaway for a Very Easy Vogue Pattern

YAY! Another new blog I am following is written by Tina called Down the Retro Rabbit Hole (love that blog name!)  Here's what Tina says...
"Now, I'm a newbie to the sewing community, but I am a long time (and habitual) lurker. A number of the blogs I follow, I started following in 2010 while living abroad in India. It was an incredibly awesome but frequently isolating experience to live in a country so vastly different from my own native place (central New York) and to not have the language skills to communicate with the people around me. Friends, despite what everyone thinks about the rest of the world speaking English, this is not, in fact the case. So, long story short, these blogs became sort of a lifeline. This past year I made a New Years Intention (I despise the word "resolution"... it just sets one up for failure from the get go!), I decided to make the leap to a fully home sewn wardrobe (read more about it here). So, to thank the sewing community for being so damn awesome, giving, and supportive of new blood like me, I'd like to pass along this pattern to a new home."
Tina is giving away this beautiful Vogue pattern in sizes 8-14. The giveaway is also open to international participants.  To enter, just leave a comment on Tina's giveaway post and make sure to leave a way for Tina to contact you if you win. The giveaway is open until midnight (Eastern Time) on Sunday the 12th of February.

The Dibs and the Machine Giveaway for Pattern of Your Choice from Sew Direct

Ms. Dibs is tossing in another amazing giveaway for the Sew Grateful Week! And if you are in any doubts as to the awesomeness of our little sewing community, check out her post about a surprise she recently received.

Today Dibs is offering someone the chance to win a pattern of their choice from Sew Direct. They sell patterns from Vogue, Butterick and McCalls. All you have to do to enter is...
  1. Go to the Sew Direct website.
  2. Browse the patterns and decide which one you want ( As Dibs says..."Do not be modest pls. Choose what you really want. Yes, even that Vogue designer pattern you've been coveting for the past century")
  3. Leave a comment on her giveaway post stating which pattern you would like should you win.
Also a note from Dibs....
"Some of  you were asking if the Lobster fabric giveaway was open to international bloggers as well. Yes it is, and so is this one. Be careful though, I said International, not Inter-Galatic, so like the Couture Sewing Techniques book give away, this is open only to humans." 
hahahha are too funny.  The giveaway will end on Sunday the 12th of February (London time) and she'll announce a winner on Monday the 13th!

The Threadsquare Giveaway for a Vintage Pattern

Lavender who blogs over at Threadsquare (and who makes some seriously awesome creations...) is hosting a great giveaway for your choice of pattern from her etsy shop.  As Lavender says...
"I’ve definitely been feeling the sewing love of late. All your sweet and funny comments are so appreciated! The crazy talented Erica recently featured my Branch Division dress on her blog. She is a total inspiration when it comes to upcycling and doing more with less, so color me very flattered. Thanks so much, Erica!
As you may know, I’m trying to de-stash, unclutter and be a more conscientious seamster. I’ve been sewing a ton from my fabric and pattern stash, and upcycling as I go.  I really like the making something from nothing side of sewing. Don’t you?!"
Oh, YES I do!  

As a little thank you,  Lavender is offering up your choice of vintage pattern from her Etsy de-stash shop. She’ll ship anywhere, so just leave a comment on her giveaway post (with a way for her to contact you) and let her know what pattern speaks to your inner Mary Tyler Moore.  Leave a comment by11:59 pm EST on Tuesday the 14th of February.

The Polka Dot Overload Giveaway for Vintage Patterns

When I saw this post by Mikhaela over at Polka Dot Overload my heart skipped a beat!  If you don't know Mikhaela's blog, you MUST check it out! I had so much fun in January when both Mikhaela and her mum became super sleuths for the Month of McCall! They were able to track down so much information on James McCall--I was in pattern geekdom HEAVEN (by the way--there's more to come on the McCall dynasty over the next couple of months!)

Mikhaela is offering up such lovely goodies in her giveaway.  One lucky reader will get to pick their lot of choice (numbered above).  Here's the details on the patterns from Mikhaela (she also kindly linked to the back views and more details on the Vintage Pattern Wikia for some of these):
  1. Vintage Du Barry 5415 coat or topper pattern, 1942, size 16, bust size 34 (photo above). Love those Du Barry crayon colored illustrations!
  2. Vintage Simplicity 3431 dress with full skirt, early 1960s, size 16, bust size 36. Check out the sheer sleeves in the main view (and here's the back view)
  3. Lot of three adorable vintage smock-style maternity dress, top and skirt patterns, one from the 1950s and the others from the 1960s. Bust sizes 32 or 34. (Here's more info on Butterick 7395)
  4. Lot of six vintage patterns from the 1960s or 1970, in bust sizes 37-40. I really wish these were closer to my high bust size, especially Simplicity 3722 (double bows!). And isn't Style 2876 (love that bodice seaming) very Star Wars--whereas Butterick 6329 is a bit more Star Trek? Also includes a half-size sloper pattern... 
  5. Lot of six vintage patterns from the 1960s or 70s, in bust sizes 32-34. Yes, I know there are seven pictured... but then I realized I just LOVE everything about Simplicity 6577 (the orange/plaid combo! eek!) and it's only one size too small in the waist/hips. So (sew?) sorry! 
  6. Lot of two vintage 1960s mail-order dress patterns (see detailed blog post about this collection "A Life in Mail Order Patterns") in bust sizes 34 and 35, Patt-O-Rama 8356 and Mail Order 8359
  7. Lot of five vintage 1970s and 1980s mail-order dress and separates patterns from same collection (see detailed blog post about this collection "A Life in Mail Order Patterns") in bust sizes 39-42, including Mail Order 4785, Mail Order 8250 and Mail Order 9441 (my favorite! Love the polka dot bow-neck dress!). 
Wowza! To qualify for the giveaway, please leave a comment on Mikhaela's giveaway post by Sunday Feb. 12, midnight EST telling her which pattern is your favorite, and either (a) what type of fabric you would make it with (color? material? etc.) or (b) what occasion you would wear it for. There will be one giveaway winner and some of these are lots--if you win the giveaway and pick one of them, you get the whole lot! She'll ship to anyone, anywhere. Check out more details at her lovely giveaway post!

The MonkeySocks Learns to Sew Giveaway for Vintage Patterns

YAY! Another one of my favourite blogs (and in the same town as me!) is Monkeysocks learns to sew.

As monkeysocks says...
"At the recent Crafter’s Ceilidh meet up, we were meant to bring patterns to swap. I, like the chump I am, managed to leave them at work, and so couldn’t swap them. Doh. However, I got some lovely bits at the swap, and met some great fellow sewers, for which I am very grateful (I feel a lot more inspired since the meetup!), so, now that I have retrieved them from the carrier bag in my office,  I am now giving my patterns away to anyone who wants them (subject to random numbering of course on the off chance that more than one person does!)."
Up for grabs are the lovely patterns pictured above:
  1. Style 1157 in a Bust 34”
  2. The 1960s Simplicity 8228 in a Bust 42”
  3. Woman’s Own 5257 in Bust 34”
  4. Burda 2 9050 in a 38 and 40” bust
  5. Simplicity 6618 has two teen sizes, 33.5” and 35” bust
  6. Children’s’ smock top pattern with a square yoke, Maudella 5829 , in a 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12 years
The giveaway is open internationally and all you have to do is just leave a comment on her giveaway post and let her know which pattern you would like. The giveaway will be open until 11.59 GMT on Tuesday the 14th of February.

The House of Pinheiro Giveaway for a Cynthia Rowley Pattern

As I mentioned previously, the lovely Rachel from House of Pinheiro is doing a MONTH OF GIVEAWAYS!  Today's giveaway is for Cynthia Rowley pattern 2443.  This giveaway is open internationally.  Just leave a comment on Rachel's giveaway post.  Extra twitter and facebook entries apply (check out the month of giveaways rules and full giveaways list here...) 

The Beautifully Sewn Giveaway for a Vogue Pattern

Another new-to-me blog that I am delighted to find is called Beautifully Sewn written by the lovely Salma.  Here's what she says...
"I’m Salma and sewing is my daily meditation.
I sew all sorts of things but mostly clothing and accessories. I love beautifully sewn items (yes, I am that woman in the mall that inspects the workmanship on ready to wear clothes)  and aspire to make each project as beautiful as I possibly can (a work in progress). I love learning new techniques, and am not afraid of hand-sewing but have a love-hate relationship with zippers.
I also love gorgeous textiles, embroidery, and I’ve just picked up knitting (although I have a long way to go with it). I want to take up quilting but am intimidated by the scale of  quilting projects.
Having said all that, please be warned that my buttonholes are not always beautifully sewn. "
Salma is offering up a now out of print Vogue pattern. It’s V7829 in sizes 6, 8 and 10 (Bust: 30.5, 31.5 and 32.5), uncut and in factory folds. So if you like it just leave a comment on Salma's giveaway post and she’ll draw a winner via random draw next week on February 15th, 2012.

The Pincushion Treats Giveaway for a Liberty Print Buckle and Teapot Pincushion

Last but not least in the giveaways round-up series is Melizza who blogs over at Pincushion Treats. I had the opportunity to spend some time with Melizza at the Crafters' Ceilidh meet-up last month and we had so much fun!  Here's what Melizza says...
"Sewing truly has changed my life, and not in a huge dramatic way. But with a subtle shift, towards that better me. I wish I had this touching amazing story as to why or how I learned to sew but I really don’t have one. I love reading the stories about people learning to sew from their grandmother. I would love to have memories like that. But alas my grandmother didn’t teach me. She was too busy working at an illegal gambling ring and running two steps ahead from the cops (Oh my!). Oy…the stories I have about that chica.
Sewing came to me when I needed it most and I’m glad that I jumped in feet first. I didn’t expect to be so easily accepted and encouraged by such a wonderful off and online community. The women I’ve met have been sweet and so gosh darn talented. They keep me on my toes and make me want to get better and better and better. I wouldn’t think twice about inviting any of you over for some tea (coffee for me) and cake. And that’s saying a lot from this ever-vigilant former New Yorker."
Melizza is giving away a Liberty of London fabric covered buckle and a beautiful German teapot that she turned into a pincushion.  How cute is that teapot??

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment over at Melizza's giveaway post with your favourite joke by midnight (GMT) on February 15th. The giveaway is open to everyone, everywhere. 

WOW! And there you have it....four posts of giveaways!  Thank you everyone for hosting and for entering these giveaways. Which giveaways did you enter?  I hope everyone's met some new sewing bloggers?

I hope I captured all the giveaways?  Please let me know if I've missed your post....I also wanted to say that you can still host a giveaway post if you really want to and I'll try to pick it up throughout the week to showcase.  Later today (hopefully) I will be doing a round-up post of patterns and tutorials for the week! 


  1. I've just done my post Debi - it's a reflection and giveaway all rolled into one. The giveaway is for my blog followers. Sorry it's late! Have been travelling this week...

  2. I am in seventh heaven here Debi. So many new blogs to see, and so many delightful giveaway. Somebody please pass me a badly needed glass of wine.

  3. Oh wow thank you for your kind words! This is so inspiring Debi, you've unleashed all the sewing kindness out there in the crafting community! I entered Sew Essentially Sew's giveaway for the Vintage Vogue pattern, I've always wanted to try making a vintage coat so fingers crossed! I have a tutorial on the way for this week as well!

  4. Looking forward to the tutorials. Did you have any idea how far you would spread the giveaway love? It's amazing!

  5. Thanks for featuring me. I have just added my finished project - it's combined with a free photo tutorial and template of my finished project. I'm not sure if I missed the deadlines or not. But it was a lot of fun either way! Jx


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