Sunday, February 12, 2012

{Sew Grateful Week} Patterns and Tutorials Part 2

I'm really excited that there's more patterns and tutorials as part of the Sew Grateful Week to share with you all.

Again, here's a round-up of all the other posts from the week in case you missed any:

The Of Dreams and Seams Tutorial for Turning a Man's Suit into a Woman's Overall

My jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw this amazing tutorial that Katja who blogs over at Of Dreams and Seams put together!  This step-by-step tutorial is in two parts of how to take a man's suit and make it into a woman's overall/jumpsuit.  The outfit Katja made above originally started out as this suit:

How amazing is that? Here's what Katja says...
"Not only am I sew grateful that my husband gave me the suit (he has learned to give me just about everything that remotely resembles fabric before throwing it away), I have also used thread, needles and a rotary cutter that my mom has given me, and I am also ever sew grateful for the on-line sewing community, which really has kicked off my sewing hobby to a new level. I have learned so much from the many sewing-bloggers out there, thank you ever so much. I can only hope that the one or other project/tutorial on my blog will inspire others, too!"
In the first how-to post, Katja walks you through how to fit the pants and the second how-to post covers how to turn the man's jacket into the jumpsuit bodice. Katja provides step-by-step photos and instructions! I just love this tutorial and definitely want to make this! Thanks Katja for the inspiration!

The Monkeysocks Learns to Sew Tutorial for the Tree Skirt

Monkeysocks Learns to Sew also has a fabulous tutorial lined up for us on how to make the skirt pictured above ("the Tree Skirt").  Here's what she says...
"This tutorial, again as part of Sew Grateful Week, is covering one of the first sewing projects I ever did, and (certainly the first I was really pleased with), and is a great easy project for anyone. It's a nice alternative to the basic gathered, A-line and circle skirts that are good to make as quick projects, and is very fabric efficient.
My flatmate Lindsey asked if I could make her a copy of a skirt she had bought and loved. It was a simple skirt with small box pleats and buttons and it was made of a fun tree print cotton. It was my first experience of cutting a pattern off something, and luckily it turned out to be very simple!
The skirt is unlike other box pleat skirts I have in that the pleats don't hold in all the way down, the skirt fluffs out about halfway down, creating a sort of tulipish effect, but with the simplest pattern. It has an easy button fly opening. I have only put 2 buttons on, but you could continue them all the way down if you wanted that effect."
Check out the tutorial which includes great step-by-step drawings for making this very same skirt and pictures of the other skirts already made up! I just love it! 

The Moon Munkie Tutorial for Baby Doll Nappies must check out this super cute tutorial from Moon Munkie for making your little one nappies for their dolls!   Here's what she says...
"Today Moon Munkie was playing with Baby. She wanted to change her nappy but the disposables I have were WAY too big for the 14″ dolly. She was having the best time, but the big girl nappies were less than satisfactory. When it was time for Moon Munkie to go to bed, we convinced her that Baby needed to stay downstairs tonight. And I spent a pleasurable hour stitching up 3 little reusables. They are so sweet and I managed to design the pattern, cut, stitch and finish off in about an hour and a half. So if your little one’s little one needs a clean bott, as we say in the Munkie Household, then grab the Reusable nappies for baby dollies template and photo tutorial.
This is my first photo tutorial, so I’d be really grateful to hear what you think. If it’s not useful, how could I do better? If you decide to try, don’t forget to send me a picture and let me know how you get on!"

The Beautifully Sewn Tutorial for Cloth Pad Liner and Pad Holder

Salma who blogs over at Beautifully Sewn has put together a fantastic tutorial for a cloth pad liner and pad holder that will be donated to charity.  Here's what Salma says...
"I really like crafting/sewing for charity and non-profit organizations because it allows me to put a personal touch on causes that I really care about and give back to the world in my own little way. This past November I buckled down and did just that by making 19 sets of resuable menstrual pads for Lunapads Pads4Girls campaign.
The Pads4Girls campaign is organized by the good people at Lunapads who make and sell environmentally friendly, organic, all natural and reusable menstrual supplies. Pads4Girls facilitates the donation of purchased and handmade reusable menstrual products for girls in developing countries so they can stay in school longer and not feel ashamed of something so very normal. As soon as I heard about this campaign, I knew I had to contribute.
I contacted Lunapads and they sent me an email detailing the material and design requirements for accepting donations of hand sewn pads (you also have the option to financially donate pads through their organization if you prefer). I also spent some time thinking about how the design could encompass the needs of girls from diverse socioeconomic and physical environments."
I am really touched--what a great way to contribute your sewing skills!  In this tutorial, Salma walks you through what materials you'll need and provides a photo tutorial of how to make cloth pad liner and pad holder! Definitely check it out!

Pattern Announcement: Suzy Patterns Coming Soon!

I just had to share some news that I came across today over at SuzySewing.  Suzy is starting her own pattern line!!!  Here's what she says...
"Suzy Patterns are the result of a mishmash inspiration pool mainly from Victorian and Edwardian eras to the gorgeous 1940s and 1950s. They are developed with the petite women in mind however with some alterations, everyone can sew a Suzy!"
I've been following Suzy's gorgeous creations for awhile so I cannot wait to see what patterns she creates!  Check out her announcement post here.

I think I captured all the patterns and tutorials for the Sew Grateful Week either in this post or the giveaways posts but let me know if I have missed any.  Aren't these fantastic tutorials?  Thank you everyone for putting so much time into creating these!

Stay tuned for the round-up of Sew Grateful Week projects!


  1. I. Want. That. Jumpsuit. WoW! I love these posts, debi!

  2. A little late, but I posted a tutorial for a very easy maxi dress over on my blog!

  3. Yea I was pretty thrown by the jumpsuit too =D
    I've posted a tutorial for copying ready to wear (the first in a series of copying knitwear that I will be doing over the next few weeks). This one's for copying underwear/ boyshorts from a pre-existing read-to-wear pair (no underwear harmed in the making of this tutorial)

  4. Hi Debi! I have just posted my finished project and reflection together in one post. Thank you!

  5. Oh my thank you so much!!! What a thrill to see my project on your great blog, and thank you for your charming words along with it! Now I'm off to check out all the other great projects. I LOOOVE the sewing community. Actually, I forgot to mention that in my blog post: The sewing community is fabulous also because I don't think I have ever encountered any of the internet nastiness that you see going on in other open communities. People who sew are really great people, yay to us all! :-)

  6. Thank you so much for doing this Debi!

  7. Debi, thank you so much for linking to my announcement, you are a star!


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