Monday, March 12, 2012

Mission McCall Monday: Some Early 1900 patterns

I'm delighted to share some early McCall patterns (all of them for sale at A Golden Afternoon on Etsy).  A big thank you to Vicki who blogs over at Another Sewing Scientist for sending me the link to these patterns.  They are some beauties....

The first one is McCall 9152 which is from the early 1900's:

I'm just loving the James McCall logo on the side of the pattern envelope and all the directions printed on the back.

The next pattern is McCall 2173 for a lovely bed jacket.  Don't you just find the drawing of the woman mesmerizing?

Again, this is from the early 1900's.  The pattern says 'patent applied for', which I find really interesting!

 The next pattern is a similar one but for a nightgown (McCall 2205) and it says: 'Patented, March 1908'.  Which makes me think the previous one is from either 1907 or 1908 based on the pattern number.

Which means this would match the pattern leaflet from 1907 that I posted about in January which had the guide for all the notches on the patterns  (that Lauren from Wearing History kindly scanned for me).

Last up is a little girl's dress (McCall 9403).  I think this is the oldest one of the lot but I'm not sure what year it is from:

Aren't these great?  I just love seeing patterns from this time period that are still in good condition.  Which one is your favourite?


  1. Oh, it's like pattern porn. Thank you for sharing! I just wish I had more time so I could take on challenging patterns and more projects. New plan: Become lady of leisure. Sew all day. Yesssss

  2. quietandsmall adventuresMarch 13, 2012 3:43 AM

    the next to last picture looks like current university graduation gowns in the US!! so funny to think that was a daily style...

  3. She is rather winsome isn't she!

  4. I am so excited to see these! I have McCalls 4922 which was sold to me as a 1920s pattern, but it had a copyright date of 1908. I wasn't sure, but this definitely confirms the earlier timeframe.
    I'll send you a scan of 4922 - it's very elegant.

  5. How fun! I'm fascinated by early patterns like this; I think the earliest one I own is from the 1910s and is a handbag pattern. These are neat!!!

  6. These are such pretty patterns!

  7. I have a very old pattern from mcall. It is patented from 1908 and is for a Boys Balkan or Russian Suit. I love looking over every inch of the envelope. I can send you a scan if you'd like.

  8. Dear Debi, these wonderful patterns are no longer available on the specified seller's store on Etsy. Any way to get hold of them?


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