Wednesday, September 1, 2010

goals, sew-alongs and what I'm working on...

There's so much exciting inspiration in the blogosphere lately--it must be the start of September but everyone seems to be doing a lot of creative planning!  I've definitely been doing lots of plotting and planning as well!  I've come to the exciting conclusion that I would like to focus for awhile on sewing patterns (especially McCall patterns!) from three specific years: 1939, 1940 and 1941.  I absolutely adore the styles from these years!  So here I go...

There's been a few sew-alongs/projects that are the perfect compliment to exploring sewing vintage patterns from these years.  One is the Hepburn & Hepburn project initiated by Sarah at Rhinestones and Telephones.  You must check out her blog--I absolutely love it!


I am really excited because I adore Katherine Hepburn's look:

Especially the trousers!!  I really like the early 1940's trouser styles. For the Hepburn & Hepburn project, I am going to make two pairs of trousers.  I am going to revisit this Simplicity reprint pattern that I love (1941):

For this pair, I am going to make the trousers in a primary color shade of green wool fabric (still have to buy but I've seen it in a local fabric shop!).  I figure that would go great with my DuBarry blouse (this is a picture of the blouse with pants from this pattern in navy lightweight wool):

Then, I was lucky to come across this amazing McCall pattern on ebay UK from 1940:

Aren't these AMAZING?  I'm going to start with the cuffed and flared ones (view B) in a rust/pumpkin color (still have to buy the fabric but I can envision it perfectly!).

I am also planning on doing the winter coat sew-along that Gertie from the New Blog for Better Sewing is hosting.  Most people will be using the Colette 'Lady Grey' pattern pictured below. 

While I love this pattern, I am itching to sew a coat from my favorite time period.  So, I will be  in the sew-along and taking all the tailoring and coat construction tips but working on McCall 3941 also from 1940 (see, isn't it a great year?):

I'm just saving up for the fabric purchase.  My dream fabric for this coat is the celtic green flannel coating fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics.   When I went to put the link for the fabric, I just noticed it is on SALE! eep!  I better get it soon!  I like green because it goes equally well with brown and black.  I'm going to do a faux fur collar (can't decide which collar I like better) that has both brown and black in it.

Isn't planning fun?

So, those are all in the near future.  But what am I working on now?  I think my current project is a reflection of my refusal to accept that summer is nearly over in Scotland.  In fact, I am hoping this sundress will ensure that September will be a sunny and warm month (HA!).  Anyways, here's hoping....but I know I better get movin' to finish this up soon so I can wear it!

This is McCall 4043 (1940):

I'm making it from this striped cotton fabric I bought at IKEA that will go perfectly with my hot pink snood:

I'm loving it so far...I'll keep you up-to-date on the progress!


  1. Ooh what lovely things! Looking forward to following your progress.

  2. I love the coat pattern! i am currently making a coat for my aunt that is the most amazing pattern I have ever seen. I want to participate in the sew along but I have go a bunch of other stuff i need to instead! I will just watch your progress!

    ps. i did receive the pattern, i don't think i mentioned that. It is fabulous! thank you!!

  3. Oh me, oh my!! What a fabulous plan. I'm with you on the trousers...gorgeous! I can't wait to see your finished items. :)

    Thanks so much for joining the sew along. I'm really delighted to have you on board.

    Sarah :)

  4. You've got some great ideas here. Go for the McCall coat pattern, it looks promising and we all would love to see the result. :-) The lines and tie look so elegant and it closes all the way up. I presume that would be a good thing in Scottish weather conditions.
    But most of all I hope your sundress will reclaim summer!

  5. Your plan for fall sounds fantastic. I'm excited to see all of the garments you create. :)

  6. Neat! I love planning! I'm planning summer right now myself, but we have similar pants ideas. Heh. Thanks for the link to Rhinestones and Telephones, I never heard of them.

    Simplicity 4044 is another great Hepburn pant, as well as "Smooth Sailing" from Wearing History. Can't wait to see how your winter sewing comes out.

  7. Such wonderful plans. I love your choices. I feel inspired. It will be such fun watching your progress.


  8. Love your plans! Interested to see you plan to import the coat fabric - I have never bought fabric from outside the UK - isn't the import tax a problem? That harem-style pants pattern is amazing! "My" year seems to be 1948!

  9. Wow, I love those pants with the tapered in leg! I saw an indian woman wearing harem pants as casual wear and I've had them on the radar for a bit now. And of course the coat is just scrummy.

  10. The late 30's and early 40's were very good years for fashion! I've been collecting Sears/Ward's catalogs lately - and I spend the most time oohing and aahing over those years.

    You picked out some great patterns! And that celtic green will look lovely on your McCalls coat.

    Even though I haven't sewn anything in years and years, I was intrigued by the Hepburn & Hepburn project and am very tempted to give it a shot.

  11. I love the look of that coat! I can't wait to see yours all made up.

  12. Great project list! That coat pattern is so lovely and would be perfect in green. I've always loved your first pair of those trousers, and the cuffed version will be equally versatile! Look forward to seeing your progress!

  13. Ooof...those pink stripes on that sundress are going to be so perfect! Can't wait to see!

  14. I love yours plans, you are inspired, the summer was dormant for us and in September you are full of good ideas,

  15. Oh wow, you've definitely found your years! All these styles will look great on you.

  16. I looove Hepburn style too ! And what it also meant to wear pants in those days ... Too bad I'm too late and the website for the Hepburn/hepburn project is closed... :(


I read each and every comment--thank you so much!

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