Monday, September 27, 2010

Sundress in the sunshine!

I was in Washington DC this past week for a conference.  When I actually got outside the glorious sunshine was fabulous!  Over the weekend I was able to visit my grad school friends for a mini-reunion and finally got to wear the sundress in warm weather!  It was actually the warmest day in September that DC has had in the past 20 years!  I LOVED it.

First, an indoor shot.  I got this great pink flower hairclip from Accessorize in the Edinburgh airport before heading to the states:

And a close-up of the flower clip (outside with some similar looking flowers!):

And another shot of the dress:

Me and the gals enjoying some gelato:

Well, it's a good thing that the sundress came with me to DC because I got back to Scotland today and it's FREEZING!  55 degrees as a HIGH.  Eeeep....I hope we are not skipping Autumn and going straight into winter.  I better get moving with that winter coat :-)


  1. Hmmm! Ice Cream! Your trip was very nice, the temperature contrast was very well dressed. Now start with coats. Enjoy!

  2. Very cute dress "action" shots! I'd love to trade places with you, here in Florida temps were in the high 90s. Yikes.

  3. The dress is so cute and I love it paired with the hair flower and the sandals.

  4. You look lovely! The flower is the perfect finishing touch to the outfit :)


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