Sunday, August 14, 2011

{Report from the Fringe} Street Performers

Event: Checking out the street performers

Venue: The Royal Mile

Cost: FREE

Review: I love street performers and the fringe has lots of them--from singing monks, a tall faun playing the bagpipes, William Wallace lookalikes to comedians and fire eaters.  Some of the performers (like Mr. bagpipe playing faun above) are out all summer...others, like the singing monks I've only seen at the Fringe.

I really love seeing street performers!  Though I must admit I am very skiddish around mimes and performers acting like statues.  They definitely freak me out! I think I've been targeted one too many times by a statue jumping out at me! lol..

What I Wore: I wore my Ness blouse and matching blue striped skirt seen here.


  1. I did street performance at the Fringe in 1984 (gulp) with some friends, we had a miniature 'Big Band' and all trekked up to Edinburgh from York in a VW Van called Dylan - 7 people, instruments including a drum kit and luggage - oh it was fun!

  2. Hey! You live in a fun! There are also living statues here, they are very original, today found a man who seemed to be sitting in the air ... I mean ... Mr. was in a sitting position, but there was no chair ... people stopped to look at what was the trick ... we were all intrigued ...

  3. I envy you seeing a faun playing the bagpipes. I need to live vicariously through you more often!!


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